25 Days of Christmas 2016 uses Calldorado again after nearly doubling revenues last year

Kongens Lyngby, 29 November 2016 – AppChocolate Ltd has released the 2016 version of festive Android app ’25 Days of Christmas 2016’, previously called Advent Calendar using the Calldorado monetization SDK for the second time after the massive revenue boost Calldorado delivered in 2015.

Advent Calendar added the Calldorado SDK last year, when it was struggling to increase revenues. The result was an impressive 98.5% growth in revenues – an experience the AppChocolate team is keen to repeat for another happy festive season.

Calldorado adds Caller ID functionality to any app. With this new feature comes new ad inventory, as well as space where developers can re-engage users. Furthermore, Calldorado is not just for Christmas: since the Caller ID feature runs even when the app is itself not used, the SDK keeps generating revenue.

Calldorado didn’t only increase revenues for Advent Calendar. The user-base was also significantly more active than it had been without Calldorado the previous year. To achieve this, the AppChocolate team used the re-engagement filed on the Calldorado Caller ID screen which takes the user to the app’s primary functionality – a completely free resource.

25 Days of Christmas 2016 features 25 free daily surprises, as well as new additions for users to discover, including Christmas Carols and a Christmas mini-game.

It was a natural choice for AppChocolate to come back to Calldorado for monetization. “We are happy with the Calldorado service,” says Emmanuel Carried, CEO AppChocolate Ltd. “The Calldorado team is very efficient and responsive and the SDK is easy to integrate in AppChocolate apps.’’

“We love being able to deliver this kind of revenue and user-engagement growth to developers, since many are struggling to monetize free apps” says Claudia Dreier-Poepperl, Calldorado CEO and founder. “This is the right time of year to be spreading some festive cheer!”


About Calldorado (http://calldorado.com):

Calldorado ApS is an innovator in mobile app monetization, providing a solution that drives the commercial success of Android apps. Using the Calldorado Caller ID SDK, app owners can generate revenues even when their app is inactive and at the same time re-engage users.

Once the easily integrated Caller ID SDK has been added to an app, the Calldorado platform serves ads to the Caller ID screen at the end of a call, while space on the same screen provides app owners with an unobtrusive hook for re-engagement. Caller ID reveals the identity of a caller even if they are not in the user’s contacts. Calldorado’s solution addresses both monetization and user-engagement – two major problems in the increasingly crowded Android app market.

Calldorado was founded in April, 2016 and serves a global market. It is privately held and headquartered in Kongens Lyngby (Copenhagen), Denmark.