3 things developers overlook at app launch

You surely feel in control before the big day – your app launch. But sometimes things can go very different than planned if you simply overlook only a few small things. And hereby miss a successful app take off.

Kissmetrics names major mobile app launch pitfalls. Should you want to make sure you are all set to go, read this:


  • Put yourself on the front shelf

If you don’t test your app store page, you might be wasting users’ time (and your money) when pointing them to a page which doesn’t get you any app installs. Moreover, optimize your app name by using a combination of the brand and some common search terms. Don’t forget include keywords.


  • When in Rome talk as the Romans do

Yes, you might assume that most countries will be happy to have their apps in English. However, think outside the English-speaking-world-box, your users might be way happier to engage with an app if it’s in their mother tongue language. Don’t use simple translator tool such as Google Translate – you will be surprised getting to know real meanings behind some of their translations!


  • Measure, measure, measure

So… you think your revenue is the only sustainable measure. You couldn’t be more wrong! Do you know which features are drawing people in the app? And which out of it? Only looking at these two parameters will give you a good understanding of how keep your users engaged. Just don’t get obsessed and start measuring it all. Figure out what metrics are important for you.

When it comes to succeeding in the app business the tiniest detail matters. Avoid these often overlooked pitfalls to increase your success and stay at the top of the app ecosystem.