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New caller ID
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How it works for advertisers

New caller ID ad format
Add Caller ID to your ad format portfolio, and get access to huge amounts of incremental ad inventory from caller ID impressions. They are all yours to monetize!

Exclusive inventory & more impressions
With an average of 150 ad impressions per user per month, Calldorado substantially adds to the existing ad impressions of most apps.

A Plug & Play Solution
We have made it easy for you to reach your publisher-base with the Calldorado SDK. No technical efforts are needed from your side. We’ll integrate your adserving API/SDK and take care of the rest.

About caller ID


Caller ID shows call information after a user makes or receives a call.

With an ad displayed on every caller ID screen the Calldorado SDK substantially increases the ad-impressions and revenue an app can generate.

Read more about caller ID

A Plug & Play Solution

We build a landing page

  • We’ll integrate your adserving API/SDK.
  • We’ll create a landing page with your brand name and logo explaining the Calldorado SDK service and benefits to your publisher-base.

> See example

You inform your publishers

  • You inform your publishers about Calldorado. We can provide you with the email template.
  • Your publishers sign up on a landing page branded with your logo, with video tutorials and best practice guides provided by us.

We show your ads

  • We show your ads through the Calldorado SDK.
  • You instantly collect incremental revenue from your publishers.

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