Bright, bold Calldorado 2.0 Caller ID SDK takes experience and revenue potential to the next level

Kongens Lyngby, 27 September 2016 – Fast-growing app monetization company Calldorado has launched Calldorado 2.0, bringing a raft of new features and experience improvements for both developers and users. Calldorado’s Caller ID SDK adds popular Caller ID functionality to any app. This allows app owners to generate ad revenues even when their users are inactive, while simultaneously providing a discreet channel for re-engagement.

Calldorado 2.0’s new features are wrapped in a complete redesign. Both the Android mobile user interface and the developer site now have bright, bold design, which the app owner can easily customize to mirror that of their app. Crucially, improved ad targeting and additional ad formats create a better experience for users and enhances the earnings potential for developers.  

“We’re committed to constantly improving the Calldorado experience for both users and developers,” says Claudia Dreier-Poepperl, Calldorado co-founder and CEO. “We had good feedback on our first iteration, but Calldorado 2.0 is even faster, more intuitive and can boost revenue generation.”

The faster response rate means users find out the identity of the caller even more quickly. They also have additional options when using Caller ID. When someone calls, they can choose to mute the incoming call, send a text or hang up. After the call, they can text or email the caller, call back, save the details to contacts or give a rating if the caller is a company. Alongside these call-handling features sits the option of going back to the developer’s app – an excellent re-engagement tool for app owners.




The whole screen is now even easier for developers to customize and within the same screen, Calldorado 2.0 has added support for video and carousel ads. Medium rectangle and native ad formats were already supported by the SDK.

Developers now have daily ad- and revenue-stats at their fingertips on the developer site, which has also added a handy app search feature for publishers of multiple apps. A new navigation menu with shortcuts, an easily accessible dashboard and a notification history view all make the site even more intuitive to use.

For developers who are adding Calldorado to an app, the site now provides step-by-step integration instructions and validates the SDK integration.



Calldorado 2.0 is available now. Developers can get the updated version installed quickly and seamlessly through

About Calldorado (

Calldorado ApS is an innovator in mobile app monetization, providing a solution that drives the commercial success of Android apps. Using the Calldorado Caller ID SDK, app owners can generate revenues even when their app is inactive and at the same time re-engage users.

Once the easily integrated Caller ID SDK has been added to an app, the Calldorado platform serves ads to the Caller ID screen at the end of a call, while space on the same screen provides app owners with an unobtrusive hook for re-engagement. Caller ID reveals the identity of a caller even if they are not in the user’s contacts. Calldorado’s solution addresses both monetization and user-engagement – two major problems in the increasingly crowded Android app market.

Calldorado was founded in April, 2016 and serves a global market. It is privately held and headquartered in Kongens Lyngby (Copenhagen), Denmark.

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