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How to monetize to a global audience

The mobile industry creates a borderless community. That makes it hard for you to know exactly who your app users and what needs are.  Read More…

The most competitive apps

Messaging apps are one of the most competitive types of software. The vast majority of mobile users are typically loyal to one. Developers are trying to win users attention by competing on a host of advanced text features – emojis, videos, voice broadcasts. Read More…

How to become visible on Google Play

Android has nearly 1,5 billion global users. The last official figures show that 65 billion apps have already been downloaded from Google Play, and the majority of them are free. So how to become visible on Google Play?

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App Stories by Calldorado #1 APPtraction

App Stories Apptraction

Calldorado presents App Story #1 APPtraction, why looks matter according to the ‘Pretty Popular App’.

App Stories by Calldorado #8 Breaking bAD

App Stories comic strip - Breaking bAD

Calldorado presents App Story #8 Breaking bAD, starring the ‘Overly Advertised App’ and the ‘Ad Overdose’.





App Stories by Calldorado #10 Show Me the Money

App Stories comic strip - Show me the money






Calldorado for Yellow Pages

App Stories Comic Strip - Pimp my app
CUSTOMER FOCUS: We sat down with the Product Manager of Mobile for HEROLD, the leading Yellow Page company in Austria, Markus Jerko, to a chat about the importance of useful app functionalities when it comes to keeping user engagement rates high. Read More…

App Stories by Calldorado #6 Appetite

App Stories by Calldorado, Twitter, Angry Birds, Talking Tom

Calldorado presents App Stories #6 Appetite, starring Twitter, Angry Birds and Talking Tom.





The Power Games are on: Telco vs. Advertising

Mobile network operators have long suffered from being labelled a dumb pipe – building and maintaining the infrastructure while ad revenue largely bypasses them. Thanks to a PR stunt of an ad-blocking start-up, which a rather large mobile network operator is involved in, the Financial Times has now officially declared the opening of the ‘power games’ between the telco and the advertising industry. Brilliant. Or maybe not as brilliant a carrier strategy as one might think. 

A slice of the advertising cake
To get a slice of the large advertising cake it takes slightly more than threatening Google and co with mobile ad blocking. Particularly, with net neutrality lurking in the background and Google’s outstanding reputation for sanctioning mocking counterparts.

The question to ask is why carriers have not turned their largest asset – phone calls – into advertising dollars themselves. Every month roughly 150 phone calls pass through a mobile phone, many of them from unknown callers. A simple Caller ID service could reveal the names of these numbers. This would generate incremental page impressions which the carrier could show contextually relevant advertising on. It is that simple. However, since carriers have missed out other players are exploiting what is supposed to be carrier homeland. 

Caller ID drives monetization & user engagement
Caller ID apps such as CIA, Kim Ariyor?, Contactive, CallApp, Whitepages ID, Mr Number are doing exactly this. Recently the largest social network – Facebook – launched its Caller ID app ‘Hello’. Even app developers from the games, search, lifestyle and communication space have realised how Caller ID can drive monetization and user engagement and have integrated Caller ID in their existing apps. The Calldorado SDK makes it possible to add Caller ID functionality to an Android app almost instantly.

Source: Financial Times

Introducing ‘App Stories’


Calldorado introduces ‘App Stories’, a unique collection of stories about what it is like being an app in the great and mighty App World.
Apps make fun and pick on each other in their own language “Appish”, while trying to jump the download charts and survive the inevitable state of becoming a grumpy unused and ready for deletion ‘zombie’ app.


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