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How to entice users to your keyboard app – and make more money too

When the phone keyboard stopped being a physical thing, some people complained. They loved those hard BlackBerry keys.

But it wasn’t long before everyone got used to virtual keyboards. And soon they started to ask they logical next question: if my keyboard is just software, why can’t I change it? Read More…

How to monetize to a global audience

The mobile industry creates a borderless community. That makes it hard for you to know exactly who your app users and what needs are.  Read More…

The most competitive apps

Messaging apps are one of the most competitive types of software. The vast majority of mobile users are typically loyal to one. Developers are trying to win users attention by competing on a host of advanced text features – emojis, videos, voice broadcasts. Read More…

How to become visible on Google Play

Android has nearly 1,5 billion global users. The last official figures show that 65 billion apps have already been downloaded from Google Play, and the majority of them are free. So how to become visible on Google Play?

Read More…

App Stories by Calldorado #1 APPtraction

Calldorado presents App Story #1 APPtraction, why looks matter according to the ‘Pretty Popular App’.