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We are Appster Awards 2016 finalists

The globally renowned annual Appster Awards celebrates and recognises outstanding performance and innovation achieved by companies for the latest developments across the mobile app ecosystem.

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How to monetize to a global audience

The mobile industry creates a borderless community. That makes it hard for you to know exactly who your app users and what needs are.  Read More…

Calldorado now supports GameMaker: Studio

We want to make it as easy as possible for app developers to integrate our Caller ID SDK in their Android app and start generating revenue with Calldorado. Read More…

Limited-time offer: Welcome Bonus

Calldorado offers new customers up to $1000 welcome bonus. Don’t miss out
– sign up before April 1st 2016

We’d like to welcome new Calldorado customers with a bonus.
Integrate the Calldorado SDK in your app before April 1st 2016 and get up to $1000 in welcome bonus.
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The app life cycle is short – developers need new ways to generate revenue (part one)

Introduction: Half of all apps will be used half as much three months after they hit peak usage. This decline continues steadily until ten months after hitting a peak, where the average app has less than a quarter of the use it once enjoyed or worse, becomes a zombie on the phone deck awaiting deletion.  Read More…

5 tips for a successful app

What are some of the most important factors to consider before and after launching an app? We give you 5 tips for a successful app.

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Guaranteed Earnings

Calldorado now offers guaranteed minimum monthly earnings.

We’ve managed to squeeze more juice out of the Calldorado engine – and we want you to feel it! That’s why we have turned up earnings and guarantee you a monthly minimum.
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Calldorado Success Story

Read how Simple Notepad used Calldorado to 10 fold ad revenue within one month.

The Problem
Simple Notepad, a popular app for taking and sharing notes, was looking for alternative monetization models to supplement their existing banner and interstitial ads. With a user base of 370,000 the monthly advertising revenue would not go beyond $200. Read More…

Easier integration with the new Calldorado

Calldorado version 1.1.11 now supports Android Studio, Eclipse & Unity.

Our developer partners have asked us to support the specific integration environments they are using to make the Calldorado integration easier. We have worked on this and as of today we support Android Studio, Unity and Eclipse through Maven.

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The perfect UI – why looks matter

Every app needs great design. The most successful apps keep users coming back – and design plays a huge role in that. Read about the most important lessons when it comes to user interface.

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