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Psst! Can anyone make a success of anonymous messaging?

Hey. Wanna know a secret? Making a successful app based on anonymous messaging is really really hard.

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It’s 2017 and we’ve still got mail

Did you know that the original website for the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail is still live? It’s a horror show of appalling design, pixellated images and eye-straining tiny white-on-blue text. Read More…

The bizarre story of Nokia and Android

NOKIA and Android

When the history of the mobile phone is written, there will be a special chapter entitled ‘how the hell did that get made?’

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After 25 years, is SMS finally ready for a makeover? 

Since the first smartphones were discovered by archaeologists ten years ago, almost everything in mobile has changed.

Photos, maps, games, music – they’ve all got better, faster and easier to use.

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Can Google ever fix its big Android upgrade cycle problem?

Here’s a stat that will be familiar – and pretty depressing – for anyone who has a stake in the Android ecosystem.

In the five months after its release, iOS 10 was installed on 79 per cent of iOS devices. Read More…

SMS From Android: the app that went from no revenue to €130,000 in ten months

In early 2016, the SMS From Android was a typical app economy success story: 1.5 million downloads, thousands of positive reviews, huge daily installs. And no revenue.

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So Android is officially the world’s top OS. Now what?

Two weeks ago, the PC era ended. There was no funeral. No mass display of mourning in the street. Instead, the solemn occasion was marked by the issue of a press release from StatCounter.

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