About Calldorado

We’re app developers who established Calldorado to solve the number one problem for Android app developers around the world – how to make money from their apps despite low user activity.

We offer a white label Caller ID SDK, enabling app owners to generate revenues even when their app is inactive and at the same time re-engage users. It’s free and only available from Calldorado. It’s all we do, and it works.

What our customers say

I 10-folded  ad revenue within one month and 3-folded my active users too with Calldorado.

– Owner, Simple Notepad

My monthly ad revenue peaked from 1000USD (using in-app ad) to 5280 USD after I integrated Calldorado. In addition, my active users nearly doubled.

– Sappalod development , Billy Music

I 3-fold my ad revenue  and active users within just one month. I’m very pleased.

– Muhammad, Hisn Al Muslim app

Company values






We’re entrepreneurial at heart and not constrained by corporate structures and venture capitalists. We blend years of experience as app developers with a strong commercial know-how to make apps fly.

We are headquartered in Copenhagen, but we are a truly global. Our customers are anywhere an Android app is being developed. That means everywhere.

We are a happy, multinational team of doers, working out of a funky, bright office near Copenhagen (Capital of the world’s happiest country, no less). 
51 people from eleven different countries mingle here. We live by our company values. We want to achieve a lot for our customers and their end-users. We put ourselves in our customers shoes and look after their interest to help them succeeded.  If they do, we do too.

But enough about us, lets talk about you. Whether you have big or small apps doesn’t matter.  The desire to maximize revenue is the same. Let us help you with that, so you can focus on your job. Contact Michael Svendsen our Chief Sales Officer if you have any questions at all.