Get your app privacy policy here – deadline fast approaching

Less than two weeks remain until Google will start taking action against Android apps on the Play Store that do not have a valid privacy policy.  If you’re struggling to meet the March 15 deadline, use Calldorado’s free app privacy policy template to safely stay on Play.

Calldorado informed all its partner publishers about Google’s initial, January 31, deadline for implementing a privacy policy. Following this deadline, Google has required all apps that are launching or updating on Play to have a valid privacy policy in place.

This doesn’t cover every app, however. Last month, The Next Web reported that Google was sending out a warning to developers who were not yet compliant. The company noted that apps are required to include a link to their mobile app privacy policy both on the Store Listing page and within the app by March 15. Otherwise, Google said, it would take “administrative action…to limit the visibility of your app, up to and including removal from the Play Store.”

If you are able, it is always best to use lawyers to create a privacy policy that fits perfectly with your app and the permissions you ask for. This can be costly, however. If you need to find a cheaper way to get compliant, you can download Calldorado’s template here. There are also app privacy policy generators online, including AppPrivacy, which was developed through trade body MEF, and this open source one from Docracy.

Whichever template you choose to use, please ensure you read through the provisions to make sure the privacy policy fits your app. You also need to make sure that you keep user data safe in accordance with your policy.

While adding a mobile app privacy policy can seem like a chore, it’s an important way to help build consumer trust. In addition, this move will enable Google to remove non-compliant zombie apps from the store, making Google Play a little less cluttered for everyone.