Need a better UX? You can make money with less in-app advertising

Making money from Android apps is not straightforward at the best of times. Android users are far less ready to pay for apps than iOS users, but now in-app advertising, the main monetization channel on Android, is becoming increasingly difficult, too.

While ad network Smaato estimates that as much as 81% of mobile advertising spend is now put into in-app advertising, some users are tiring of advertising being a big part of their mobile experience.

Ad blockers are a problem for both mobile and digital publishers, but they are used three times as much for mobile sites, according to Blockmetry. PageFair estimates that at least 309 million people globally are blocking ads on the mobile web. While this concerns mobile websites, it is equally possible to block in-app advertising. The key message to take away must be to ensure that ads are less intrusive and take care to provide a good user experience. It only makes sense for users to go through the trouble of blocking ads if those ads interrupt and irritate.

Last year, Google Play started making clear to userswhether or not an app contains ads. This helps make things more transparent to users, but not having in-app advertising can be an impossible option for many developers. Creating an app takes time and effort and most will want some return on that investment.

New ways of making money from apps are starting to emerge. You can, for example, choose to sell user data as a way of monetizing, if the user is happy to opt in. Another option is to add new functionality to your app. By a
dding a secondary functionality, such as the Caller ID solution Calldorado offers, you can use unobtrusive ads served in this space as your main revenue generator. That means you can reduce or even remove in-app advertising from your core app, enhancing the user experience and keeping users engaged.

Having fewer in-app ads can make it more likely that your apps get used – and less likely that a user blocks ads. To maximise the user experience within the Caller ID functionality, meanwhile, you can ensure that the ads shown on the Caller ID screen are as targeted as possible. This makes them more relevant and attractive to the user, as well as more valuable to you. Gender, age, location and interests can easily be tagged on the Calldorado platform to make sure the most relevant ads are shown.