Here’s some background on backgrounds: there’s an easy way to keep users engaged with your wallpaper app every day…

Logically, the wallpaper app category shouldn’t exist anymore.

Wallpapers were among the very first mobile content products. Back in the early noughties, phones were for calling and texting. And that was it. But then a handful of hungry entrepreneurs recognized the basic desire among millions of mobile users to use their devices to express themselves.

First, they made fascias for phone handsets. Then they turned their attention to what was on the screen.

Wallpapers were born.

But when the smartphone arrived, it seemed to spell the end for screensavers and backgrounds. After all, these new devices had excellent cameras and AMOLED screens. Surely users would simply decorate their screens from their camera rolls.

Well, most would. But many more would seek out something different. And app makers were keen to help them.

Which is why today’s Google Play store offers dozens of wallpaper apps. And they are some of the most popular products in the entire Android universe.

The Backgrounds HD App, for example, has 90 million daily users.

And ‘daily’ is a key word here. Why? Because one of the reasons why people use dedicated wallpaper apps is that they are dynamic. Users can set their wallpapers to update and rotate at regular intervals. And the apps themselves are updated daily with new content.

The quality of the images is another draw. Today’s hi-res screens demand hi-res pics, and these apps provide them. They also let people crop and filter, and often include hacks that minimize power consumption.

Finally, third party wallpaper app makers can focus on brands and niche interests. Google Play offers everything from puppies to acoustic guitars to Iron Man.

So, wallpaper apps have endured. But they must improve constantly – not least because of the improvements made to Google’s own official wallpaper app.

It launched a new official Wallpaper app (first seen as a pre-load on Pixel) in October 2016. It features very hi-res pics curated from Google’s own library (including Google Earth) and includes the option to toggle a new image every 24 hours.

To counter the competition for attention from Google and, indeed, every other app on a person’s device, wallpaper developers need to drive users back to their app every day.

This is where Calldorado can help. Calldorado is a caller ID platform that displays helpful information about a person or business whenever a call is made or received. It also displays a link back to your app when the call is ended.

The result? Your users will see a visual reminder about your wallpaper app several times a day. And the app doesn’t even have to be open for this to work. Calldorado also serves relevant advertising, so you can monetize it too.

It’s simple to add the Calldorado SDK into your wallpaper app. And it’s just as easy to configure it for the best results. You can choose to display new image samples, which you can automate and shuffle for maximum impact.