5 tips for a successful app

What are some of the most important factors to consider before and after launching an app? We give you 5 tips for a successful app.

  1. Create a great product. To state the obvious, creating an amazing app that users will love to share is a great start. With focus on uniqueness, simplicity and design (see blog post The Perfect UI) your app is off to a great start.
  2. Don’t forget Android. The market for Android apps is often a neglected market, but fact is that Android devices make up 81.5 % of the global smartphone market1. That leaves you a huge market to conquer. If you haven’t already considered Android you sure should.
  3. Marketing is key. Creating buzz around your app can really help boost traffic. Be aggressive on social media and encourage users to spread the word and invite friends to join.
  4. Track & Measure. Don’t guess, prove it. When it comes to tracking and measurement, insights will be crucial to the success of your app.
  5. Make it free! To the user there’s a big difference between 0 and $0.99. There are a ton of monetization options out there (see blog post Paid vs. Free) and you can always make money through in-app purchases or ads on caller ID screens. It’s not a coincidence that the most popular apps are free2.



1# http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/worldwide-domination-android-and-ios-claim-96-of-the-smartphone-os-market-in-2014/

2# http://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/012215/most-successful-app-companies.asp

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