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Steven Kader has always explored the best way to monetize his app. A blog post about app monetization led him to the Caller SDK, and he never looked back.

Kader has programmed every day for 40 years, worked with apps since 2008 and has had major success with 100+ million downloads during his time as a developer.

One of Kader’s most popular apps on Google Play is Caller Name Announcer. The app that does exactly what you think it does; it announces calls and incoming texts. You can leave your phone in your pocket or on a table, and when the calls or texts come in, you’ll know who it is. It’s also great for when you are driving or for people who use it for accessibility reasons. The concept is very straightforward but with sophisticated programming to back it up. But how do you monetize that?

Kader wants his apps to be free to use, which is why Caller Name Announcer does not charge for download, and does not offer a premium version or subscriptions. The app only relies on revenue generation with the Caller SDK, which is also the only monetization Kader needs.

How does it work?
The Caller SDK presents your app to users in relation to every phone call received, made or missed. Most people still make several phone calls every day. Your app displays the call information along with relevant features, enhancing the app experience and adds value to the user. The added value leads to increased engagements and happy users, ultimately helping to uphold the continued use of your app.

It generates so much more revenue than anything else
As a result of more engagement, you’ll see an increase in impressions, resulting in greater and more sustainable revenue. In March 2020, Caller Name Announcer had more than 18 million impressions with the Caller SDK. The revenue growth for Caller Name Announcer has been substantial.

The total earnings of the first 6 months is what he now (minimum) earns every month.

Caller Name Announcer is a type of app that doesn’t really get screen time, so it can be hard to monetize. I’ve easily gotten x10 the amount of revenue I was able to make before it. I know where I would be without it and there’s no way to compare it: the Caller SDK is the best!
– Steven Kader

It’s easy and seamless, and the service is excellent!
Working with Calldorado is easy from registration to revenue. After you have signed up and gotten your account approved, the integration process is simple with a short code that is easy to add and test.

In your my.calldorado.com dashboard you’ll have direct access to the latest integration guide for the SDK, and the complete collection of invoices. The dashboard shows you everything you’re interested in: numbers of users, revenue, CPM, viewed impressions, daily/monthly active users. You can extract files with more detailed information sorted by country and date. If you have multiple apps with the SDK, you can easily compare the performance of your apps.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of Publisher Relations Managers are helpful and proactive:

The service has been excellent. The people I’ve worked with at Calldorado have always been very helpful and proactive, never surprises. I speak with my Publisher Relations Manager often, as they are readily available and keep me up to date with new developments and things we need to watch out for. I haven’t had a lot of issues, but whenever I need it, they check with developers and it’s taken care of.
– Steven Kader

Want to give team members access? You can add members to the account.

Users love it!
Some might worry that adding a caller ID feature would have a negative impact on star ratings, however, this is not the case. Caller Name Announcer has an excellent score of 4.4 stars.

Although Kader was initially hesitant about what his users would think of the new feature, when he rolled it out to 10% he was happy to see users continued to leave great reviews:

Users find the feature useful, and it adds value to my app. All users have the option to turn it off, but most people keep it.

The retention rate is comparable or better than in general. On average, 1 of 2 new installs proceed with the app and become a new user we monetize with. And in the long run, the app keeps around 10-15% which is very good.

There is no better way on Android to Monetize than with the Caller SDK. It’s a win for users, win for publishers.
– Steven Kader

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