Android users do not spend money on their apps

AppsFlyer research shows that an Android app user spends quite a lot less on in-app purchases than an average IOS user, more specifically – 2.5 times less. And the gap is only widening. Ouchhh!

Androidauthority points to these numbers – $1.08 vs $0.43 per user, per app in monthly in-app purchases. Furthermore – only 4.6% of Android users will make a purchase at least once per month, whereas 7.1 % of iOS users will.

Why is this? Well, it’s not a secret that Android is leading in the global smart phone market and a big part of its market share comes from business users. These are the users who are more likely to use their phones for reading emails or making phone calls rather than spending time and money on their apps.

Do the Android developers get to win in anything? Well… besides utility apps iOS gets to win it all and the gap between iOS and Android developer earnings widens.

Does this worry you? It shouldn’t! Look into alternative app monetization tools. The Calldorado SDK generates revenue outside of apps – no need to worry about in-app purchases. Even better, in-app ads will no longer drive your user away from your app.