Best Practice

1) Which app to invest?
Some apps perform better than others. If you have more than one apps you can contact us for a free manual examination about your app portfolio. Our UA team will have a look and suggest you the best apps to invest.


2) Which countries to invest?
We strongly recommend you choose “Auto” as location targeting. Our UA team will check your app and decide which regions are best to invest.


3) What is the suggested amount for my campaign?
The minimum amount to start a campaign is 300 € but we suggest to put a minimum budget of 1.000 € and daily budget of 50 € to offer the best performance.


4) What is the suggested duration for my campaign?
In the first week of the campaign our system collects data and optimises the campaign accordingly. So we suggest the minimum duration should be between 3-4 weeks.


5) What is the suggested CPI for my campaign?
Suggested CPI would change based on the country, on the app and few other factors as well. You can leave this area empty as well, our UA team will decide the best CPI for each location.