Calldorado 4 is finally here!

After a long anticipated wait we can finally announce the release of Calldorado 4. Or release 4.1.4 to be exact. Our tech team has been hard at work to bring some fantastic updates to the award-worthy Calldorado SDK you have come to know and love, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Packed with vital “behind-the-scenes” improvements and bug fixes such as support and targeting for Android Oreo, a web-based opt-in, and DFP native ad support, Calldorado 4 also boasts some fantastic improvements in UI and UX.

With a new opt-in procedure, a sleek and modern caller ID screen, and an improved after-call screen with great engagement features, your users will be spending more time engaging with your app’s already great features directly from the native field after every phone call.

Incoming caller ID gets a sleek new look

One of the most noticeable UI updates in Calldorado 4 is that the new Caller ID screen is significantly smaller, and beta test results show that user interaction has doubled compared to the previous version of the Caller ID screen.

This is great news for publishers making use of the options to include native app content on the caller ID screen to give their users a richer and more immersive experience across all their app features.

As with the previous versions, the Caller ID can be moved around on the screen simply by dragging it with a finger. The screen can also intuitively be minimized or maximised by users based on their needs. By putting users in control of the identification of incoming calls the overall user experience is significantly improved. Native app content can also be shown in incoming call screens to better prepare users for calls.

Powerful after-call actions to put your app features in the spotlight

The release of Calldorado 4 also means greater potential to engage your app users after every phone call. The caller ID info field at the top of the after-call screen has been optimised in order to give more prominence to native app content. Users remain in full control with a shortcut for adjusting caller-id setting available on all after-call screens.

The native content field is scrollable to allow for more relevant content or feature on the after-call screen, making sure your users get lightning quick access to your call-related app features without the need to navigate away them the screen and, and subsequently miss out on the valuable caller info present on the screen.

Web-based opt-in for better conversion

Another great improvement which positively impacts app publishers and app users alike is the web-based opt-in. In contrast to native opt-in it takes up less space in the app, meaning your app is lighter, and it can easily be customised and tweaked, making fine-tuning like localization a possibility.

As for users, they get a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing opt-in experience, with a higher level or relevant customisations which leads to improved conversion rates. The increase in user opt-in rates is of course beneficial to publishers as it has a direct impact on the active use of the app, the number of ad impression, and ultimately the revenue the app generates.

Useful to keep in mind

While Calldorado 4 does support targeting of Android O, it is important to keep in mind that according to Google’s own data only 0.2% of Android users have installed the new version so far, which many devices only shipping with a pre-loaded version during the course of spring next year (2018).

Since it is still in its infancy, targeting earlier version like Marshmallow or Lollipop will mean you greatly increase the potential user base and extend your app’s reach significantly, which is a key factor for growing your app successfully. You can click here to read more about our thoughts on Android O.

If you have not tried the Calldorado SDK in your app yet, apply now

At Calldorado we break down the two main barriers to growth in the app economy. By offering our advertising SDK to app owners free of charge, we enable them to generate revenue and put their app features into the spotlight with every call a user makes or receives. Our technology is great for apps within the communication, tools, productivity and business categories to name just a few. IF you would like to know more about how your app can grow and generate more revenue with Calldorado contact us directly, or apply to have your app reviewed.

Calldorado is headquartered in Copenhagen, but we are truly global. Our customers are anywhere an Android app is being developed. That means everywhere. By blending years of experience as app developers with strong commercial knowhow and focusing on user experience, we make your apps fly. It’s all we do, and it works.