Calldorado App Growth Fund

Is your app the next unicorn?

Apply for our exclusive App Growth Fund and get the downloads your app deserves.

Once your app is approved for funding, our expert user acquisition team will commence marketing your app and driving user base growth. More app users means more ad impressions which results in greater revenue. It’s simple and effective and we’re the experts in making it work.

It’s hard to monetize an app when it can’t get discovered amongst the 3.5 million apps on Google Play. Calldorado is the solution! Apply for Calldorado’s App Growth Fund and get your app discovered by millions of Android users and accelerate it is growth exponentially.

We are investing in apps we believe in. Your app could be one of them! Find out today.

How it works

Become a Calldorado publisher
The Calldorado App Growth Fund is only available to publishers with approved apps using the Caller SDK. If you are not using the Caller SDK in your app yet, register as a developer today and integrate the SDK – you will experience a rapid boost in user engagement and revenue.

Apply for app growth funding 
As a registered Calldorado publisher, you are eligible to seek funding for your app’s growth. Our specialist team will evaluate your app on a number of metrics including; user experience, stability, performance, and user ratings. Based on this evaluation funding will proceed and our expert User Acquisition team will manage all growth campaigns on your behalf. You will now begin to see significant growth in your user base and revenue.

Benefit from risk-free funding
You do not need to give up any equity or rights to your app. Calldorado Funding operates on a revenue share model, where in return for marketing funding you agree to share a percentage of the revenue your app generates from the users acquired as a result of the Calldorado funding.

Is your app ready to be discovered by millions of Android users?

Your app will automatically be assessed to see whether you qualify for the Calldorado App Growth Fund.

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About the Caller SDK

The Caller SDK lets you highlight your app features in a smart and effective way and at the optimal time.

People make and receive phone calls every day. By presenting your app to users following every phone call and making it an integral part of your app experience you can substantially increase user engagement.

You will generate revenue after each call has finished, with approximately 150+ ad impressions per user every month.