Calldorado Success Story


Billy used Calldorado to 5 fold ad revenue.

The Challenge
Billy, a popular app for listening to & browsing billboard music categories, was looking for alternative monetization models to supplement their existing banner and interstitial ads. With a user base of 82.000 monthly active users, the monthly advertising revenue would not go beyond $1000. Billy also experienced 67% of their users to be inactive or using the app very rarely. Consequently, Billy needed a monetization method that allowed them to monetize beyond their active user base together with a wish to re-engage both active and inactive users.

The Solution

Billy integrated the Calldorado caller ID SDK. One month after releasing the new version in Google Play the app now earns an additional $4280 / month, which means a monthly app revenue of 5280$.

The SDK allows the app to show caller ID screens after phone calls in connection with advertising. Because caller ID works regardless of whether the user has the Billy app open or not, it has the ability to reach both active and inactive users. That way, Billy earns incremental revenue even if users have stopped using the app or don’t listen to music on a daily basis.

More User Engagement
Increased user activity! After including the Calldorado SDK, Billy experienced an increase of active users from 33% up to 60%, which means 27% more engaged users! Billy has been successful in increasing traffic to the app through the Engagement Field ‘Listen to most popular songs’ which appears on every caller ID screen after a standard call. The Engagement Field encourages app users to get back into the app through deep-linking, and is an efficient way of re-engaging active and inactive users.

New feature – User control
Automatically when implementing the SDK, all Billy users get notified about the new caller ID feature. The information is shown as a pop up after the first call, when upgrading or installing the app. This pop up explains the feature in combination with the option to customize or even disable the feature completely in the settings menu.

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