We are back! Calldorado eases into office reunion

This week, Calldoradians were greeted with a warm, but not too close (physically anyway) welcome from our HR and Operations team who had decorated our offices ready for our phased return.

Denmark was one of the first countries to shut down, and Calldorado was already ahead of the curb, closing the office two days prior to the country’s national guidelines. After not seeing our colleagues for what feels like an eternity (although we can argue to be very lucky it’s only been two months), we were glad to return to the office this week and see our colleagues and friends in person, even if it’s at a distance.

Working from home: how it has been

The first phase of our return will be spent splitting the time between working from home and working in the office. We have previously shared some suggestions from our team on best practices for working from home (part 1: keep focus, part 2: stay happy and healthy).

Working from home has worked well for many of us. We were fortunate to jumpstart the experience back in January, when we began our Future Friday 2.0 scheme, which gave us the opportunity to practice working from home once a week before the lockdown started. It improved our understanding of how to communicate and establish the best routine for working in our own homes.

Renata, HR Manager

Having experience in working from home is all well and good, but it can still be very challenging if you don’t have the right equipment. Thankfully our HR & Operations team spent a lot of time delivering supplies to people’s houses: screens, keyboards, chairs – you name it.

Working from home was made easy thanks to the company ensuring we had everything we needed to set up a home office as close to our regular desk as possible. We have had very regular online meetings, but also frequent company-wide meetings (online), giving top management the opportunity to keep us informed of all the latest news and developments. This has helped maintain the feeling that you are still a part of a team.

Ian, Head of Marketing

It’s not always easy to filter out the important and relevant information when listening to government updates about the Corona-virus. For some, it can be overwhelming to read the news, for others they simply struggle to understand the Danish language – we are after all a multinational team from 25 different countries. These are among the reasons why there has been a minimum of twice-weekly Zoom-meetings about Covid-19 throughout the lockdown.

During these meetings, management has given updates on what is relevant for Calldoradians as both employees and more generally as inhabitants of Denmark. People of different nationalities within the company have naturally had different reactions to the situation based on what they are seeing happening in their home countries and Calldorado management have listened to all concerns and acted on them. This led to the decision to delay our return to the office, which initially was planned for 20th April.

The new normal (for now)

Rules and regulations are constantly updated to ensure we are following the suggestions from Sundhedsstyrelsen (in Danish), the Danish health authority. Although we are very excited to be back in the office, we will not yet be working there every day. To ensure we are able to maintain a safe distance from colleagues, it has been decided to split the company into 2 teams.

  • Color codes have been assigned to our agile teams, deciding what days you work from where. The blue team will work in the office every Monday and Wednesday. The green team every Tuesday and Thursday. The remaining days of the week are spent working from home
  • To ensure health and safety, with plenty of space in the office, seating has been rearranged for everyone during this period.
  • Tables have been marked with name and color, and wall dividers are set up to ensure additional distance and barriers.
  • Teams even have their own designated bathrooms and cleaning of all facilities is done daily.


Even though we can finally meet face-to-face again, we are still very much restricting the number of people allowed in meetings. Numbers attending meetings are now restricted to less than half the usual capacity of each meeting room.

If employees are in any way feeling unwell, they’ve been asked to stay home. This includes any sickness in their household, such as their spouse or children.

Calldoradians are sociable people and love to gather in the kitchen for breakfast, snacks, cake, and coffee breaks. Unfortunately, with Covid-19, new regulations have been set in place.

  • Breakfast has been suspended for the time being, and there are regulations to limit the amount of time and people (1) in the kitchen at all times.
  • Sanitary wipes are readily available near every surface you are likely to touch, such as opening cabinets, operating the coffee machine, and so on.
  • The usual snacks, such as dried fruits and nuts, have been removed for the period, while coffee, tea, soda, and juice is still provided.
  • The company lunch plan has also been modified from a family-style buffet to individually packed lunches such as salads, bagels, burgers, and of course the classic Danish smørrebrød.


Another Calldorado favorite, table football, has been discontinued until further notice.

New faces in Calldorado

Despite the many restrictions in place, Calldorado successfully hired two new employees! Kateryna (QA) and Charles (Sales) were both onboarded during the lockdown. Before starting Charles’ training, Sippora, our publisher relations manager, asked herself “How can I give my new colleague a warm welcome and effective training while we’re social distancing and communicating online?

In Charles’ first week we had a detailed plan with topics to cover, and we did lots of screen sharing. We were sitting with a 2-meter distance from each other and maximizing the zoom ability of the browser, it was quite a sight! But the best way to learn is by doing.

Sippora, Publisher Relations Manager

Since he started, Charles has been introduced to one of our top-performing publishers and is slowly taking ownership of the account in his role as Publisher Relations Manager.

My first day at Calldorado started with me introducing myself to my new colleagues online which was a first for me, different but not unpleasant. My team members emphasized the importance of having a good home set up and the management made sure I got one the same day it was talked about. I really feel like a part of the Calldorado team even though it has only been a few weeks and at a distance. I believe while it is due to many aspects, the Calldorado mantra of “one team one dream” can really be felt and appreciated when trying to work as well as cooperate at a distance.

Charles, Publisher Relations Manager

Going forward

It has been a long few months staying at home, but as summer closes in we are hopeful the situation will continue to move in a positive direction and normalize soon. Until then, we’ll continue to have lots of hygge together, at a safe distance.

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