Calldorado mobile advertising gold rush open to operators, too

It’s not only regular Android app owners who can benefit from Calldorado. Mobile operators can unlock voice-linked annual profits of several million US dollars by adding Calldorado’s white-label Caller ID SDK to their service line-up. The free, mobile advertising-based Caller ID solution is, after all, a natural add-on to voice.

The profit varies by region in line with the value of ad impressions and the size of the operator’s user-base. For example, with 5 million daily active users of the Caller ID functionality, on average a US-based operator can expect $20 million in annual revenue, a European operator $10 million and an operator in Asia, South America or Africa on average $3.6 million.* Since the solution is provided for free, there are no direct costs associated with this mobile advertising income.

Voice remains the most used mobile service in the developed world, according to Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Trends, 2016. Despite this, carriers’ mobile voice revenues are dwindling as they come under pressure from roaming regulations, users expecting free voice bundles and the growth of OTT voice. Juniper Research recently forecast that operators will lose a massive $103.7 billion to OTT voice and text providers globally this year.

Operators can choose to add Calldorado as an extension to one of their existing Android apps, such as the app enabling customers to manage their account (e.g. My Vodafone, My Orange, My Telenor), or launch Caller ID as a stand-alone carrier-branded app. The Calldorado SDK is easily integrated into an operator app.

Revenues are generated through an ad on the post-call Caller ID screen, which shows the name of the caller. Providing an impression every time a user takes or makes a call results in Calldorado serving on average 150 impressions per user per month. This equals topline mobile advertising revenue that is currently claimed by the dominant stand-alone Caller ID apps.

Providing value added services such as Caller ID also helps retain customers – it is proving increasingly important as robot- and spam-calls increase. Users are in complete control of the functionality, ensuring that the solution is a chosen value-add.

Calldorado’s end-of-call screen also provides a space to re-engage or up-sell a customer and can be branded by the operator.

NOTE: *Revenue estimates based on daily active users, impressions and CPMs in the given region are generated through Calldorado’s revenue calculator. Try it yourself at: