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The bizarre story of Nokia and Android

NOKIA and Android

When the history of the mobile phone is written, there will be a special chapter entitled ‘how the hell did that get made?’

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Calldorado to invest additional 10% into every campaign in new growth program for app developers

Our new growth program is in the news! – Telemedia Online reports that Calldorado has launched a free user acquisition program. This is what they had to say:

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Calldorado underlines growth in India with GMASA award win

On Friday the 7th of July, Calldorado received the award for the “Best monetization & user growth solution” at the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards which was held in Bangalore, India. The award ceremony honored developers and marketers of the best mobile apps of the year.

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The app economy is worth $1.6 trillion. Are you getting your share?

If you’re reading this, you’re in the app business. And right now, that’s a pretty nice place to be.

After nine years, the app economy shows no sign of slowing down. Oh, we’ve all heard the experts say apps are dying – that they’re being slowly killed by dynamic web pages and bots. Read More…

Snap out of it! Will we ever love modular phones?

This week’s big news in Android is the return of the ‘daddy’ of the OS, Andy Rubin. He was the guy who created the Android software and sold it to Google in 2005. Read More…