About Calldorado

Calldorado is the global leader in call-based advertising technology.

At Calldorado we break down the two main barriers to growth in the app economy.

By offering our advertising SDK to app owners free of charge, with our patented technology, we enable them to generate revenue and put their app features into the spotlight with every call a user makes or receives.

We are headquartered in Copenhagen, but we are truly global.Our customers are anywhere an Android app is being developed. That means everywhere.

By blending years of expertize as app developers with strong commercial know-how and focusing on user experience, we make apps fly. It’s what we do best, and it works.

What our customers say

I 10-folded  ad revenue within one month and 3-folded my active users too with Calldorado.

– Owner, Simple Notepad

My monthly ad revenue peaked from 1000USD (using other advertising methods) to 5280 USD after I integrated Calldorado. In addition, my active users nearly doubled.

– Sappalod development , Billy Music

I tripled my ad revenue  and active users within just one month. I’m very pleased.

– Muhammad, Hisn Al Muslim app