Developers have boosted their revenue exponentially with the Caller SDK. What are YOU waiting for?

After 18 months of lockdowns, it’s time for app makers to think differently about how to get more users and make more money….

Across the world, the world is opening up again. People are wondering about fresh starts. About new ways of doing things.

Plenty of mobile app developers are thinking this way. Maybe you’re among them. If so, top of your list will certainly be: what can I do to grow my users and boost my revenues?  Well, developer Steven Kader had the same idea.


Kader had made a number of great apps, and one of them – Caller Name Announcer – had become one of the most popular products on Google Play. The app does exactly what its name suggests: it announces calls and incoming texts on the display screen. This is hugely convenient and useful for all kinds of consumers. As a result, Caller Name Announcer quickly attracted plenty of users – but the revenue generated was not comparable.

It’s not hard to work out why money was limited. Kader ruled out any kind of download fee or premium version. He wanted his app to be free to use and funded only with ads. Unfortunately, though users loved the app, they didn’t spend much time in it. Hence, lower ad revenue.


Everything changed for Kader on the day he read a blog post (not unlike this one) about Calldorado’s Caller SDK.

He learned that the Caller SDK presents your app to users in relation to every phone call received, made or missed.

Since most people still make on average five phone calls a day, that’s five views for your app and its relevant features. So if your product is a calendar app, your customer can make a diary entry without actually opening it. If you have a note-taking app, same thing. Your users can jot a note from the call information screen instead of firing up the app itself.

Needless to say, this extra engagement leads to more ad revenue.


Kader quickly realized that the Caller SDK was perfect for a product like his. In no time, it had transformed his income. He says: “I’ve seen a huge growth in the amount of revenue I was able to make before I tried the Caller SDK. I know where I would be without it and there’s no way to compare it: the Caller SDK is the best!” In fact, in a typical month, Caller Name Announcer has more than 18 million impressions with the Caller SDK. Are you where Kader was before his happy discovery?

If so, it’s time to try the Caller SDK.


Got more questions. Here’s a quick review of the essentials…


When does the Caller SDK display ads?
Users see an ad on the call information screen after every completed call. The ads are visible but not intrusive. They are shown during a natural break in the native user experience. 

How often do users see ads?
Typically, the Caller SDK shows up to an additional 200 ad impressions per-user per-month. This is all new engagement, on top of any in-app advertising you already do. 


What type of ads are displayed?
Calldorado injects the best ad in the moment, which could be anything from half-page or standard banners to native and video ads. This is advertising based on real-time bidding via some of the industry’s best mobile ad networks.


What does it cost to have the SDK in my app?
It’s free! We charge no set-up fees and no running costs. We only take a share of the revenue generated by ads on the call information screen. You get to keep all of your in-app advertising revenue.


How quick is the set-up?
Pretty quick! For general inquiries, there is an email form here. Your first point of contact will be a partnership manager. He or she will establish whether your app is a good fit for the Caller SDK.


What is a good fit?
The Caller SDK works best with apps that can be connected to the caller function: email, messaging, taking notes, and so on. We do look for apps that already have a degree of success, so we will ask for details of your monthly active users by region and the number of daily installs. Once approved, the SDK integration process is a doddle. Just use a short code to start the installation.


How soon can I earn new revenue?
Almost straight away. It takes no time to encode the SDK and you start earning as soon as users download the new version of your app.


How can I track revenue?
All key metrics are displayed on a dashboard – that’s ad revenue by day, week, and month. You will be paid directly by Calldorado every month. The minimum pay-out is 100 Euro. Outstanding balances are carried forward to the next month until the minimum threshold has been reached.


How much can I expect to earn?
It depends on factors such as what kind of app you have made and where your users are. We have a revenue calculator that will give you a rough indication.


Here are some examples:


We hope this article gives you a taste of what’s possible with the Caller SDK. We are already working with dozens of app developers, with new additions joining every week. If you’re ready to shake up your business model and try something new, get in touch today!

Tim Green

Tim Green


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