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Welcome to Calldorado

Calldorado is the company behind the multi-award-winning Dorado Caller SDK for Android apps. It generates a huge increase in user engagement through the direct presentation of your app on a regular basis, resulting in increased ad impressions, and a substantial increase in sustainable revenue.

The Dorado Caller SDK puts your app in the spotlight at the most opportune moments without compromising the user experience.

Engage More Users

Direct presentation of your app to users at opportune moments increases user engagement.

Effective Monetization

Generate substantial revenue for your app with targeted advertising every time users take or make a call.

Benefit from Funding

As a Calldorado publisher, you can apply for our App Growth Fund to drive user acquisition for your app.

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How does the SDK work?

The Dorado Caller SDK is designed for apps that have a natural fit with phone calls. This can be anything from communication, utility, productivity, tools, business to other call-related categories. It integrates a detailed call information screen into your app which draws its information from Calldorado’s extensive database. Your app is presented directly to users following every phone call made or received. It leads to a huge increase in daily ad impressions while simultaneously enhancing the user experience by offering advanced features.

Your app is presented at the exact moment the device is in use, and at a time when it contextually makes sense, adding value for users. This direct presentation of your app into the hands of users at the most opportune moments offers tangible enhancements to help sustain the continued use of your app and increases engagement to new levels!

Is your app Calldorado ready?

Contact us to find out if your app is a match for the Dorado Caller SDK.

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Native field template samples

The Dorado Caller SDK is extremely easy to integrate into your app, taking just minutes. To help make the integration process as simple as possible for you, we have developed a number of ready-to-go templates to present your app’s features clearly to users on the call information screen.

Here are just a few examples:


The messaging template allows users to write and send texts directly after finishing a call.


The email template makes it easier for users to write and send emails directly after a completed call.


The recorder template facilitates call recording while the phone rings, and replaying after the call is completed.

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