Caller SDK

Improve the lifetime value of your users by increasing engagement with your app

Monetization Services

Maximize your ad income with tailored revenue optimization and personal service


Grab your share of the app economy by investing directly in the growth of successful apps


Cut out the middleman and sell your app directly

Quick, easy and no transaction fees

Welcome to Calldorado

Calldorado exists to enable app owners to become more successful in the app economy. We do this by improving the lifetime value of your app users.

Through a series of acquisitions and expansion our service offerings now also include app acquisitions and an app investment platform.

Check out our full range of products and services below!

Caller SDK

Improve the lifetime value of your users with increased engagement

Put your app in the spotlight when it matters most.

Monetization Services

Maximize your ad income

Improve your app monetization with personal service & tailored revenue optimization.


Get funded & grow your user-base

Showcase your app to investors and get funding.


Ready to focus your energy on a new project?

Make a smooth app exit.


Revolutionize your call completion service

Enrich caller information for missed call notifications with NameThatNumber

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