From India to Denmark, Ashwath and Ganji

In November, two of our Indian colleagues, Ashwath and Ganji, arrived at our Danish headquarters. The dynamic duo has worked for Calldorado in India since November 2015 doing technical work, such as integration, testing, and support.

During their last visit in May-June 2018, they experienced lots of firsts, such as the lack of spicy food, eating lunch with cutlery, and the milder weather conditions. In Bangalore, India, the temperature rarely drops below 15 Celcius, which comparatively would be considered to be a decent spring-summer day in Denmark.

Despite the colder weather and plainer food, Ganji was not scared off from wishing to relocate to the Nordics. Therefore, Ganji will be staying in Denmark, working as a QA-engineer. He is very excited about the relaxed Danish way of life, compared to Ganji’s descriptions of the Indian hustle and bustle.

I like the clean air in Denmark, and it’s a very organized country. The people are so helpful, nice and funny, while also being honest and straight-forward. I love that people commute by bike and public transport, and that they are concerned about pollution and climate. And I love the milk here! The first time I visited Denmark, I would drink 1.5 liters every day.

Moving abroad is no easy task, which many at Calldorado know, as we are just shy of 20 expats in our company. Ganji is excited about the opportunity for international work experience, learning more about interesting Danish culture and traditions.

Meanwhile, Ashwath is planning to work as a local Sales Agent in Bangalore. During his stay in Denmark, he will be trained by our excellent Sales team, before his return in January 2020. Until then, he plans to enjoy true Danish life in Copenhagen. When asked what he thinks about his stay Denmark, Ashwath says:

Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and the life quality in Denmark is great! During my stay I’m excited to bike around the city and join local food tours.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for snow in December to make Ashwath and Ganji’s first Danish winter extra special, as it will be the first time they have ever seen it!

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