Calldorado improves Future Friday

Everyone loves Fridays, but it’s particularly special at Calldorado. Kicking off 2020, ending the work-week is even more extraordinary. As you are reading this, Calldorado employees are already on our way home to enjoy our first extra long weekend.

We work together, and we work hard. It’s important to work the way one works the best, so we plan and structure our own days. At Calldorado, there is great room for freedom and responsibility. Meanwhile, we also like to enjoy our time at work, so we greatly value the importance of relaxing, socializing, and having fun. 

In 2018, Calldorado launched Future Friday, meaning we had the option to work on other projects within the company. It was great, but just like our clients’ apps, Calldorado can make great even better! 

It’s 2020, and what kind of tech company would we be, if we did not catch up to the millennial’s benefits wishlist? This includes for example; continued personal (and professional) growth, flexibility and the ability to work remotely, career advancement, working meaningfully and seeing how you are making a difference towards our common goal.

But how?

Starting this January, we have the new and improved Future Friday 2.0. We start every month with Communications Day. The day is spent together, sharing ideas, plans, and news company-wide. It helps each individual understand their place in the company and see how they are contributing to the bigger picture. The transparency encourages cross-company communication, alignment, and strengthens our ability to operate as one team. 

One team, one dream!
– Betina Knøfler, VP of HR and Operations

We usually end our Communication Day-Fridays with a well-deserved Friday-bar.

For the two following Fridays, we have the option to work from home. However, if you prefer coming into the office, our homey atmosphere with lots of hygge is here all week. 

On the fourth Friday, we enjoy a well-earned day off. Yep, that’s an extra day’s holiday every month, on top of your holiday allowance and public holidays. 

If you want to join our team, check out our open positions and apply today! But remember, we are only back on Monday.