Calldorado named ‘National Winner’ in prestigious European competition

Calldorado ApS has been named a ‘National Winnerin the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest business competitions.

We faced tough competition and were chosen from 2,753 businesses named as ‘Ones to Watch’ in a list of business excellence published in July, and then were selected as a National Winner by a panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians, and academics.

“We are extremely honored to have been awarded this prize by the European Business Awards, and we are very proud of the achievements our company has made. This has been a real team effort, and we look forward to continuing our innovation and growth.” said Claudia Dreier-Poepperl, CEO of Calldorado.

The criteria for our win are based on what Calldorado does best:

Operational performance
By effectively monetizing mobile apps in categories that are usually quite difficult to generate revenue, Calldorado’s flagship product, the Caller SDK, has enabled app owners to succeed in the app economy.

Workflow effectiveness
All aspects of our business are in-house, which has allowed Calldorado the efficiency and flexibility to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving mobile app industry.

Customer experience management
Our sales team carefully manages all publishers, by closely following up on progress and providing support, all the way from signup throughout the integration process and beyond, leading to long-term relationships with partners.

Increased turnover
As a result, Calldorado went from being an imagined concept to a highly profitable business in just a matter of months.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “This is a significant achievement and Calldorado is an outstanding leader in their field. To be chosen as a National Winner means you show great innovation, ethics and success and are one of the best businesses in Europe.”

For more information on the European Business Awards, click here.

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