Calldorado runs for charity

Every year in August, Calldorado is a part of the world’s largest exercise race.

We love working together as a team at Calldorado, and what better way to do good together, in a sporty way, at the annual DHL relay race (Danish)?

For our newest employee, Adriana (UI designer), it was her first social event with Calldorado.

DHL was great. The event gave me a really fantastic opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues and to link faces with names. The atmosphere was amazing – music, games, chatty people and some strange but awesome inflatable sausage-like armchair-beds.

Besides being an excellent opportunity to hang out and socialize with colleagues outside of the office, it’s good to find meaningfulness in supporting a greater cause. This year we had an especially motivating reason to run as a team.

Four reasons, actually.

Instead of competing internally, we decided to focus on DHLs core message of good health and use our team effort for a greater good. 2019 is the second year Calldorado employees have been running to support the education of children via Plan Børnefonden (Danish). By the good-will and generosity of our management, every employee participating in the race is earning an amount of money to be donated towards the charity, regardless of if they run or walk.

Plan Børnefonden is a part of Plan International, and is present in 70+ countries, supporting more than 60.000 children in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The organization works towards creating equal opportunities for boys and girls growing up, securing children’s rights, and building strong, sustainable communities for the world’s most vulnerable children.

By running the DHL race in 2018, Calldorado was able to sponsor three children, living in different parts of the world; the Dominican Republic, East Timor, and Guinea. Our goal for 2019 was to continue to sponsor the same children and to add a fourth. Thanks to 18 dedicated runners over 4 teams, we reached our goal and will from 2019 also sponsor a child from Kenya.

For the first time, we had two walking teams, who walked the entire 5 km together. Our Senior Software Developer & Android Team Leader, Peter, has previously been running at DHL three times, but this time he decided to join the walking team.

Walking DHL was great, it was an awesome way of bonding with your coworkers and spending some time together talking about non-work related topics, and at the end, we were actually ready to do one more round of walking.

When asked why he decided to walk instead of running this year, Peter was swayed by HR’s effort to organize an additional team for another sponsor child:

I haven’t been running since last year, so walking was a way I felt like I could still participate, and with great company, it goes fast.

Besides lounge chairs, a DJ, food, fancy lights and fireworks, DHL is an opportunity to be social, and to participate by running for the contribution to support children in need. Who knows, perhaps one of our sponsor children will develop the next Unicorn?

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