How to boost your Call Blocker app engagement with Calldorado templates

As smartphone use grows, so unfortunately does spam and nuisance calling. But people have found a useful tool for fighting back: call blockers.

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Calldorado 4 is finally here!

After a long anticipated wait we can finally announce the release of Calldorado 4. Or release 4.1.4 to be exact. Our tech team has been hard at work to bring some fantastic updates to Calldorado’s award-worthy Caller SDK you have come to know and love, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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How to put your app in the spotlight with every phone call

”Habits don’t begin with action. They begin with a trigger to action.”

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Calldorado’s SDK is here to stay

Award-winning Caller SDK listed in the Mobbo Power Index Top 10 for SDKs with best retention rates.

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How to grow your app (without really trying)

It’s the classic Catch 22.

You want to grow your apps. But you are too busy developing them to find the time to grow them.

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