Charity Spotlight: Projekt Udenfor – Caring for the Homeless

In December 2018, Calldorado held their first ever charity auction where staff bid for a variety of different items, with the highest bid winning!

A total of 5360 DKK was raised from staff. Calldorado management kindly offered to double the amount, making a total 10720 DKK, around 1440 Euro.

With the cold winter nights upon us and snow now affecting many parts of Northern Europe, our senior Publisher Relations Manager, Anders Thrane drew our attention to a very important local charity called Projekt Udenfor. Literally translating to Project Outside, Projekt Udenfor is a charity dedicated to the care of the homeless throughout the Copenhagen area, with a similar setup in Denmark’s second city of Århus.

We had the privilege of meeting these hard working and dedicated individuals to hand over our donation and to learn more about the invaluable work they do.

The charity was established in 1997 and divides their work into a number of areas. There are skilled street workers who reach out to homeless individuals to offer support in a variety of different ways. They also provide clothes (new where possible), hot drinks, food (both breakfast and evening meals), and run numerous other projects to support the homeless around the city.

The provision of food began in 2000 when volunteers would help prepare food boxes which were then delivered on a bike. As the service grew, a car was acquired, and eventually a small van, which now visits fixed stops throughout the city each day. As the project has grown, so has the charity, with a full-time chef being employed to prepare good quality meals which not only taste good but are healthy, providing a good number of calories and are easy to eat due to the unknown condition of individuals’ teeth. The meals are usually warm, particularly in the winter months!

Their chef also has to manage the economy of the food preparation, ensuring there is no wastage of food and costs are kept to a minimum while meeting the requirements of the meals. The average meal costs around 18 DKK, meaning that Calldorado’s donation could provide around 595 meals.

While Projekt Udenfor receives government funding to ensure the continuation of their great work, they rely on charitable donations to enable their growth and to go above and beyond the basic levels of support they can offer. To find out more about Projekt Udenfor and how you can help, visit their website:


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