How to get started

Once you have submitted your application on my.calldorado.com, your app will go through an approval process before you get access to the SDK Admin Panel.

Within the Admin Panel, you can choose from ready-to-go templates or a generic blank-slate template, both of which can be customized with your content and branding. Then you can customize the native field within the call information screen to best present your app and its features directly, offering tangible enhancements to your users.



Advertisements will appear in connection with the call information screen.



In your Calldorado Dashboard you can view your impressions, usage and revenue reports. Within the Help Center, you’ll have access to free video tutorials and step-by-step guides. From the Admin Panel, you can also share reports and design rights with your team members for an easy and smooth workflow.


What is the Caller SDK by Calldorado?

The Caller SDK is a multi-award winning call-based SDK for Android apps which enhances your app by presenting it to users following every phone call made or received, and enriches it with detailed call information.

How is the Caller SDK different from Admob or other typical ad networks?

We offer incremental impressions and revenue through advertisements displayed when phone calls activate the SDK, providing the user with enriched information about the call. Whereas typical ad networks offer monetization through your already existing inventory, we offer you incremental inventory and impressions on your call related app screens.

Where do I log in?

You can register by filling out this form. However, if you already have an account, you can sign in at my.calldorado.com.

What is the benefit of the SDK to me as a developer?

The Caller SDK presents your app’s core feature to users in relation to phone calls. Users are reminded about your app daily, and at times when your app could be most useful to them, encouraging continued engagement and increased revenue.

Are there any costs?

There are no costs associated with using the SDK.

Who is the Caller SDK for?

The Caller SDK is designed to work with apps that have a natural fit with phone calls. These are typically apps in the communications, utilities, productivity, tools, business or other call-related categories. Get in touch with us to explore out how we can help you maximize user engagement for your app.


How does the SDK work?

The SDK runs in the background. After each phone call it shows relevant call information to the user, e.g. identifies unknown numbers, missed calls, unsuccessful calls etc. as part of your active app screen, and makes it possible to use this data directly as part of your app features.

Is it difficult to integrate the SDK into my app?

It is easy to integrate the SDK into your Android app. Simply follow the step-by-step guide on the download page after you’ve signed in to my.calldorado.com.

What app permissions are needed for the SDK?

The following permissions are needed for the Caller SDK:


Which Android version does the SDK support?

We support Android version 4.1 and above.

Which developer platforms do you support?

We currently support Android Studio and Unity from version 5.0.1. You’ll find documentation guides in the Help Center section through the Admin Panel at my.calldorado.com

What is the required minimum SDK version?

The minimum required SDK version is 16 or newer (API level). We recommend targeting API 28 to keep up with platform standards. It will look like this in your project:

defaultConfig  {
minSdkVersion 16
targetSdkVersion 28

Does the SDK work for iPhone or Windows mobile?

No, the Caller SDK is for Android only. iOS does not allow apps to react to phone calls so the real-time caller ID feature is not possible.

Can I customize the design of the screens to match my app’s design?

Yes, absolutely! You can add your logo and customize the design of the call information screen to match your app’s look and feel. You use your app’s excellent content and functions, to enhance the call experience for your users. (add links to mockups)

What languages do you support?

The Caller SDK currently supports the following languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How can the user change the language for the caller ID?

The language is set to the default language of the phone. The user can only change the language of the caller ID feature by changing the default language on the phone.

Is the SDK supported globally?

Yes, the Calldorado SDK works all over the world.

What happens, if a user has installed my app and another app that has the SDK as well?

The first installed app, with the SDK, will get the right to show the caller ID feature and advertisements. We call it “first install wins”.

When can I get started?

Right now! Click here to register, and follow the simple step-by-step guide. A member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

How do I know that the SDK is done loading?

In order to receive callbacks when Calldorado is initializing the SDK, you can implement our “CalldoradoEventCallback” interface, which contains three methods:

OnLoadingStarted – When the SDK loading is initiated

OnLoadingFinished – When the SDK has finished initializing

OnLoadingError(String errorString) – When an error occurs during initialization

Basic Example:

public class classname implements CalldoradoEventsManager.CalldoradoEventCallback

public void onCreate() {





public void onLoadingStarted() {

// TODO handle loading started



public void onLoadingFinished() {

// TODO handle loading finished



public void onLoadingError(String errorString) {

// TODO handle loading error



Will the users of my app like the ads?

Caller ID is a very popular feature. Everyone wants to know who is calling. The ads will not interfere with the caller ID and the user will experience the full benefit of the feature. E.g. identify unknown numbers, missed calls, unsuccessful calls etc.

Is the SDK intrusive to the user experience of my app?

No, it does not interfere with your app. It only brings up screens in connection with phone calls.

Will users uninstall my app if I add the SDK?

Call information services are very popular with users. Users will not uninstall your app as they can just disable caller ID if they are not interested in the new feature. We recommend that you include a ‘Caller ID’ section in your app’s settings, where users can personalize their caller ID preferences. See how in the installation guide in the admin panel.

What is the benefit of the SDK to my user?

Your app user will benefit from seeing relevant call information such as identification of unknown numbers, missed calls, unsuccessful calls etc. Your user can also save newly identified names/numbers to the contacts list with one click.

Do users see the call information screen twice if they have another app installed which uses the Caller SDK?

No, the call information screen will only show for the app that has been installed first. We call it – “first install wins”.

Can a user opt-out or disable the call information features?

Yes, users can disable caller ID at any time. We recommend that you include a ‘Caller ID’ section in your app’s settings, where users can personalize their caller ID preferences and also disable the feature.

Do I have to change my app’s “Terms & Conditions” when implementing the SDK?

No, you don’t have to change your app’s “Terms & Conditions”. The app user will have a direct agreement with us through the “Usage & Privacy Terms”. The “Usage & Privacy Terms” will be available to the app user directly in the pre-made “Settings Activity” that we recommend starting from you own app’s “Settings Activity”.

What is a daily active SDK user?

A daily active SDK user is an app user that is exposed to at least one call information screen from the Caller SDK per day (24 hours). If an app user sees more than one call information screen per day, they will still be registered as 1 daily active SDK user.


What ad formats do you support?

Half page banners, standard banners, native and video ads.

What type of advertisement will my users see?

We ensure that the most suitable and highest paid ads will show. We exclude sensitive categories like gambling and sexually explicit content.

Why are the ads in the Caller SDK better than traditional banner ads?

The ads in the Caller SDK call information screen are shown to users in a content relevant manner. They are shown in a positive use case, where there is a natural “break” in the native user experience of phone usage. These parameters are reflected in a CTR above industry standards.

How many impressions can the ads create?

With an average of 150 ad impressions per-user per-month, Calldorado will be adding substantially to the existing ad-impressions of most apps.


What phone data sources do you use?

Multiple sources including data from our directory partners, publicly available data on the web and other trusted data partners.

What is your privacy policy?

We take privacy very seriously and we do not share user data with unauthorized parties. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.


Are there any costs?

There are no costs involved in integrating and using the Caller SDK.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is 100 Euro. Outstanding balances are carried forward to the next month until the minimum threshold has been reached.

Which payment methods do you support?

We support transfers to bank accounts and PayPal.

When do I get paid?

We pay you 60 days following the end of the applicable month.

How much can I earn?

Calculate your revenue potential in the Revenue Calculator.

Questions? Please contact us!