Health & Well-Being – a Number 1 Priority at Calldorado

The preventative measures being taken by Calldorado to protect its team during the Coronavirus outbreak.

There is no doubt that you will all be very aware of the single headline dominating world news right now – the outbreak and fast spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. On top of the health implications, the highly contagious nature of this virus along with travel restrictions, quarantines and more, is having a very negative impact on businesses across many industries. After monitoring the situation very closely, Calldorado has made the decision to take pro-active preventative measures to minimize the risks to our team while still offering our high standard of service and support to our customers across the world.

Calldorado has always taken the health and well-being of its employees very seriously. The company has previously introduced such benefits as flu jabs, dental care support, yoga, and running clubs, to name but a few. We believe that this leads to not only a happier and healthier team, it also enables us to provide a better and uninterrupted service to all our customers, based all over the world.

The Calldorado head office is located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark’s largest city and urban area. Denmark has so far seen around 350 cases of Coronavirus (as of 11th March). Due to Denmark’s relatively small population of 5.8 million, this equates to about 60 people per million inhabitants. By way of comparison, the rate in the UK is about 5.7 per million inhabitants. Despite this number, the situation is under control with the Danish government has introduced many measures to protect its citizens. This doesn’t mean that businesses can’t take action too!

Our team lives across all corners of Copenhagen and many use public transport to commute to the office, coming into contact with many different people. We have many parents who have children attending schools, again increasing the number of people we come into contact with. We also have a very multinational team with staff from 23 different countries so people are regularly traveling abroad to visit family and friends. Therefore, as a responsible employer, Calldorado has decided to take preventative measures by allowing its team to work from home until the situation subsides, providing staff with the necessary resources to be able to continue their work seamlessly.

This minimizes the potential risks from travel and reduces the need to be in close proximity with large numbers of people at any one time. The beauty of our industry is that almost all of our work takes place online so our output will not be affected, as it has been in manufacturing industries for example, and we will use online meeting tools to maintain the great team spirit that has helped build our company.

Although we are a relatively young team, our actions are important, not only to protect ourselves but also to the elderly or people of poorer health who are more likely to suffer if they were to contract the virus from one of us.

So, it’s business as usual for Calldorado! Find out how you can also take preventative measures to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus by clicking here.