How to grow your app (without really trying)

It’s the classic Catch 22.

You want to grow your apps. But you are too busy developing them to find the time to grow them.

Last week we published two blogs on this topic. We wrote about app store optimization, social media outreach, content marketing and AdWords.

These are great things to do, if you have the time and money. But most developers don’t have enough of either.

For smaller organizations, it hasn’t been possible to make, promote and invest in apps all at the same time.

Well, today that changes.

Today, Calldorado has launched a Growth Program. It has a simple goal: to help our app developers grow more, while doing very little.

Here is how it works: You sign up to our user engagement SDK and re-invest your advertising revenue into new installs. You get access to your ad revenue already after 30 days, instead of the normal 60 days. To set up your user acquisition campaign, you simply specify the length and location of the campaign, and how much you are willing to spend per install.

As soon as you press ‘confirm’, we’ll start advertising your app.

Our experts know which sites to advertise on and how to get the best deals. We have already done this successfully for over 100 apps.

We will use your money wisely. And as your user numbers increase, it won’t take long for you to see how the funds in your Calldorado account start to grow.

And to make it even more tempting, we won’t charge a fee for our help.

In fact, we will pay you.

Yes, we will add 10 per cent to every campaign you launch. So, if you invest $5,000, you’re actually investing $5,500.

To repeat, Calldorado has already seen this approach work with dozens of apps. When we bought app installs for SMS From Android, for example, it returned its investment in ten weeks and made €130,000 in ten months.

The reason why this is so effective is that the Calldorado Caller SDK serves ads on the call information screen, so it will engage your users every time there is a phone call.

That means every new app install counts.

Today is a very exciting day for the Calldorado community of developers. We’ve been thinking about the Growth Program for a long time.

But you shouldn’t have to think about it for more than a few minutes. That’s the whole point: a quick sign up and wait for your account to swell.

Click here to get started!