How to put your app in the spotlight with every phone call

”Habits don’t begin with action. They begin with a trigger to action.”

So says Nir Eyal, author of the best-selling book ’Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products’. Eyal is the guru of the new science of habitual behavior. Brands all over the world turn to him to help them understand what makes consumers start using new products.

One of Eyal’s key insights is that product makers have two jobs. Self-evidently they have to design a product that people love. But equally, they have to design a product that people can easily use.

Well, Calldorado can certainly help app developers with this. How? By putting your app’s features and functions on the phone screen every time your users take or make a call.

Calldorado’s Caller SDK displays extra information about who’s calling. This can be very useful to users. Additionally, the SDK also lets app developers integrate their own functionality into this screen.

In effect, your customers will be able to use your app every time they make a call. They will no longer need to go to the app’s menu and open it.

And don’t forget, voice calling is still one of the most-used smartphone functions. By linking your app features to phone calls, you will expose it to people several times a day.

Clearly, if you want to make an app that’s easy for people to use, Calldorado is just about the perfect tool.

So the question for app developers is this: how should I customise the screen?

Well, we’ve already thought about this.

We’ve developed a number of native SDK templates to start you off. These templates will give you the means to highlight your app features on the screen during or after the call.

So, let’s say you have created a call recording app. You can use the template to recreate the full functionality of your product on the caller ID screen – with exactly the same look and feel.

The same goes for other Android apps that have a natural fit with phone calls, like messaging, note-taking, call blockers and so on.

You can find the templates we have created so far at our Github repository. They include:

  • Generic app template
  • Call blocker app template
  • Email app template
  • Message app template
  • Call recorder app template

SMS Message

The messaging template allows users write and send texts directly after finishing a call.


The email template allows users to write and send emails directly after a completed call.

Call Recorder

The recorder template allows users to initiate recording while the phone rings, and listen to it right after the call’s completed.

But these templates are just a starting point. We want developers to build on top of the code to create even more functionality tailored to their own aims.

And if we don’t have a template you can use, let us know and we will build one for you.

We think Eyal would approve. After all, your customers have shown they already desire your product (or they wouldn’t have downloaded it in the first place).

Now, with the addition of the Caller SDK, they can easily use it too.

Templates represent an exciting new phase for the Calldorado community, which we will discuss in more detail in upcoming blog posts.

Make sure you come back soon for more details.