It’s 2017 and we’ve still got mail

Did you know that the original website for the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail is still live? It’s a horror show of appalling design, pixellated images and eye-straining tiny white-on-blue text.

But then the site should be old-fashioned. The movie is about email, after all. And what is more old-fashioned than that, right?

Well, email may still be aging, but you still use it.

Older readers might remember when email was new and shiny. In the 90s, it offered a revolutionary new way to communicate. So revolutionary people started to call written letters ‘snail mail’ by contrast. 

And then Warner Bros made a rom-com about it.

Well, we know what happened next. It was a bit like adding a new lane to the motorway. When that happens, instead of making the road less crowded, it just encourages people to drive more.

So, in the same way, email made us send millions more messages than before. And then the marketers started sending them. And then the spammers.

Email became unmanageable. Overwhelming. And in the meantime, we got many more messaging options: SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, SnapChat, Slack.

So did email disappear? Of course not. The ‘old’ channel still has so much going for it. No one owns email, so it’s not a closed system. Every email address ‘works’, and no one can impose rules or delete your account. That’s a valuable thing when it comes to communications.

But email did evolve. Not least, it moved to mobile (like everything else). And, in a sense, that move helped email a lot. How? By giving smart email app developers the chance to make the experience beautiful again.

One of the first things they did was to offer emails apps with a unified inbox for multiple email accounts. After all, most people have one or two addresses for work and maybe Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts for personal use.

They tightened up security by encrypting, decrypting and verifying all messages incoming and outgoing emails.

They also overhauled the usual design principles inside email – by incorporating mobile features like pinch, zoom and swipe. Oh, how delightful to delete a message with a swipe rather than tapping a tick box and a trash can icon. 

Some email apps will re-arrange your messages like cards, or group them by subject or animate your scrolling. Others will add pretty backgrounds to your messages, or convert emails to texts. 

Today, there are many options inside Google Play that will improve on your default email client: TypeApp; CloudMagic/Newton; BlueMail; K-9 Mail; Alto-Email; Nine Mail; Molto; Boxer and many more. 

However, for all this choice, savvy developers can always find new niches. After all, there are billions of users out there since just about every web user has one, two or more email addresses each.

The big question is always how to monetize – especially when so many email apps are free.

Well, this is why Calldorado’s Caller SDK exists. Our platform engages your users every time there is an incoming, outgoing or missed call. The call information scren provides value for your users, increases engagement and increases your users LTV, generating many more ad views than standard in-app advertising.