Event Recap: 6 Reasons Calldorado Will Return to TechBBQ

On September 18-19, we attended TechBBQ, Scandinavia’s biggest startup & innovation summit.

Located in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen, Denmark, the event was sold out before the doors even opened. We were prepared for two busy days in the 5000 m2 exhibition hall with workshops, talks and a whopping 7500 attendees.

As the Calldorado-team is used to traveling to events all over the world, it was a rare treat to access a popular and international event such a short trip from our office.

Here are 6 reasons why Calldorado will likely return to TechBBQ in the future:

1. Star speakers. Over five tailored stages, TechBBQ presented an impressively action-packed lineup of partners and speakers consisting of numerous founders, C-levels, partners, seniors, head of’s and so forth. To name a few companies featured; Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, Riot Games, Wargaming, Rainmaking, Unity, Meetup, and Facebook.

2. Progressive panel talks. It was extra exciting for Calldorado as our Co-CEO, Mathias Schrøder, participated in a panel alongside eBay and Rainmaking. The discussion on how startups can get noticed and grow their business in a crowded digital field. As a startup, you might feel like the world is looking at you while you are releasing your new product or service, the reality is that most of the time — no one is watching. Despite that, it has never been easier to reach both national and international markets, neither has the potential been greater.

While discussing startups’ tendency to focus on marketing and making a direct entry to the “high street”, Mathias Schrøder had this to say; “if there is one thing you should do right, it’s to focus on your core product, and make it the great product you envisioned for your users. Make sure your business model is in place, and then worry about getting noticed.”

The panel covered an array of challenges startups often encounter while trying to build their business. While you don’t need to start by being an expert, it’s important to understand that some strategies which work well in the Indian market, for example, may not work in other markets such as Korea. Calldorado has first-hand knowledge and tons of experience regarding this, which has been perfected over numerous years of being in the mobile industry.

For the app industry specifically, Mathias Schrøder emphasized the importance of chipping in marketing budget from the get-go phase to leverage the “K-factor”. This is the effect paid marketing has on organic growth, where the growing user base cements your app’s value to new users that view an app’s user size as a stamp of approval.

3. Exhilarating exhibitors. Exhibiting along with our friends Appvestor, there were widely recognized companies such as Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, and Red Hat. Themes of the summit included a variety of different tech’s (fintech, cloud tech, IoT, deeptech, cleantech, edtech, maritime tech). We had the opportunity to talk to numerous app owners, publishers, and developers. It was incredibly inspiring to see all the different innovations, presented by familiar companies as well as completely fresh startups, such as Appvestor, who were launching their new innovative app investment platform, now available the public. We couldn’t stop ourselves from trying their beautiful macarons which, for the record, tasted even better than they looked.

4. Awesome attendees. Regardless of whether you were looking for inspiration, investors, investment opportunities, or potential tech talent, at TechBBQ we met them all. Businesses and individuals were presenting innovative ideas for the future. Among the attendees were even the Swedish Crown Princess.

5. Thrilling themes. TechBBQ had workshops and talks for any stage or theme of your tech-business. It didn’t matter if you were interested in AI, IoT, cryptocurrency, or cybersecurity, or what phase your business was in; there was something for everyone. Got kids? No problem, Aaron Ross talked about how to build a $5M business and having 10 kids at the same time. Interested in how to be a part of making the Nordics a part of the global leader in reducing food waste with a viable business model? Look no further. Titles like ‘how to build a robust startup team’ and ‘Community improvements – how to develop your community’ were just two out of an array of the workshops available for the attendees.

6. Fantastic food. It wouldn’t be a recap of TechBBQ if we did not mention the food. Considering the venue is located in Copenhagen’s famous “meat-packing district”, and the name is TechBBQ, we can confirm wonderful food all around, despite the variable Danish weather! The possibilities were endless, from Asian food trucks to meat fresh off the grill, and authentic tacos just around the corner.

Rounding off. It’s important to support such innovative events to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of our industry, and with the abundance of interesting themes, topics, and innovating minds, a future return to TechBBQ is very likely for Calldorado.

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