Everything you need to know

What is Calldorado?

Calldorado is a call-based advertising SDK for Android apps which enhances your app by linking your app’s core feature to call activity, enriched with our extensive caller ID data. Calldorado provides a unique ad format which doesn’t compromise user experience and presents your app directly to users in relation to phone calls. This could be anything from call-based apps, voice recorder and messenger to launcher apps. This direct presentation of your app’s features into the hands of users at the most optimal moments offers tangible enhancements to help sustain the continued use of your app and encourages engagement.

Why integrate Calldorado?

Appropriate customizable features or content is presented at the exact moment when the device is in use, and at a time when it contextually makes sense and adds value for the user.

Easy integration with ready-made templates

– Choose from a wide variety of ready-to-integrate native-action templates to bring your app’s feature into the spotlight, or create a totally new experience by using our clean-slate generic template.

– Templates range from messaging and email features to call blockers and voice recorders, with many more options in between.

How to get started

The Calldorado SDK is free of charge and designed for apps in the communications, utilities, productivity, tools, business and other call related categories. Once you have registered at my.calldorado.com you will have access to the SDK admin panel. Here you can choose from ready-to-go templates or a generic blank-slate template, both of which can be customized with your own app’s content and branding.

You can even send us suggestions for new templates. Then you can customize the native field within the Caller ID screen to present your app and its features directly, offering tangible enhancements to your users.


Design the SDK in your app’s look and feel to create a better user experience and encourage app recognition. Change colors, insert your app’s logo and preview changes in our easy-to-use design tool.

Screen selection

Select which caller ID screens your users see real-time and after phone calls. Customize the caller ID experience with screens for Completed call, Missed call and No answer. You can also choose whether or not to show caller ID for contacts already in the user’s contact list.


In the Calldorado admin panel at my.calldorado.com you can administrate, customize and design your SDKs. In the dashboard you can view impression, usage and revenue reports, and in the help center you can watch video tutorials and get access to documentation guides. From the admin panel you can also share reports and design rights with your team members for an easy and smooth workflow.

User control

Users have full control over the caller ID functionality and can select which calls should be identified, and when. They can customise the caller ID settings at any time in the settings menu. The Caller ID feature will be clearly communicated to users the first time Caller ID is shown. 

User experience


The presence of caller ID will be clearly communicated to the user when a caller ID screen appears for the first time. Users have full control and they can activate/deactivate the feature at any time in Settings.

Ads Context

Advertisements will not simulate or impersonate the user interface of any other app, notification or warningIt will be clear to the user, at all times, which app the Advertisement is associated with because the name/logo of your app is on every caller ID screen. It is important that you make caller ID an integral part of your app’s experience.

Ad Walls & Interstitials

Ads only appear in connection with caller ID screens. The user will not be asked to click on ads in order to continue using the app. Dismissing ads will be easy and clear to the user.

No Interfering with Apps & Third Party Ads

Ads on caller ID screens will not interfere with other apps or their ads. It is important that you make caller ID an integral part of your app’s experience.