Hold onto those fleeing users

It’s not a secret that 23% of users abandon an app after only one use. Is your app in danger?

As the importance of mobile technology grows in our daily lives, so does user expectations of it.

People will mercilessly leave an app that fails to fully engage them. The question is, can you afford to lose users?

No, so how to keep them?

You have to think of your users as individuals – using your app should connect to their personal interests and desires. You have to make sure you provide them with the types of experiences relevant to them. Don’t overload your user with information they don’t need and aren’t interested in. Just like yourself, they all just want to get on with their lives.

What if you could present your new users with some fresh, relevant content already on the sign in screen? Something new, but related to their personal interests. Now you’ve caught their attention. Localize and time it. Know where your users are and what content is relevant to them at that  specific place, at that specific time. Use our powerful technologies to deliver an experience that’s relevant and personally interesting to your individual end user.

Calldorado lets developers add Caller ID functionality as an app extension. With the Calldorado SDK the screen at the end of a call includes a re-engagement field, drawing the user back to the core app, and a targeted ad alongside the Caller ID info.

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