How to become visible on Google Play

Android has nearly 1,5 billion global users. The last official figures show that 65 billion apps have already been downloaded from Google Play, and the majority of them are free. So how to become visible on Google Play?


Yes, first impressions matter!
Think of a unique title, avoid generic words. Start with the most valuable information in the app description, remember that most of the text will be hidden under the ”Read More”-button.


Google is your friend
Your app installs will mainly come from successful search engine results, incorporate the most accurate keywords into your app title and its description. Make sure you target the right Google Play store users. Define your audience in the Google Play parameters section (let’s say – mark the countries you want to target).


Feedback is important
Reviews play another crucial role in your app’s popularity. Encourage your users to provide feedback and ratings. One of the major advantages Google Play holds over its competitors is the user’s ability to +1 an app (similar to a ‘like’ on Facebook). Many users love this new feature. Often the number of +1’s is a deciding factor in whether an app is worth downloading.


And here is how we can help
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