How to boost your Call Blocker app engagement with Calldorado templates

As smartphone use grows, so unfortunately does spam and nuisance calling. But people have found a useful tool for fighting back: call blockers.

These apps are hugely popular now. The best of them make it very easy to block a dubious caller’s number.

But they can always be improved.

Here is where Calldorado comes in.

The Calldorado SDK modifies the phone’s caller ID function so that it displays extra information about who’s calling. Our studies show that users really like this extra detail.

Needless to say, our developers do too. Why? Because it lets them integrate their app’s functionality with a native look and feel into the caller ID screen. They can make sure their app is visible and usable on the smartphone display every time their users take or make a voice call.

For call blocking app makers, the benefits are obvious.

But that’s the theory. What about the practice? What’s the best way to customize the caller ID screen for call blocking?

Happily, Calldorado has been working on this.

We’ve spent the last few months developing native SDK templates, which are freely available on GitHub. They let developers create a custom action during or after a call. They can also show content on the call details page.

On our GitHub repository, you’ll find a simple code sample for your call blocking app – and screenshots showing how it might look to the end-user. There are just three steps to follow:

  1. Declare a new receiver in the manifest.
  2. Set your views on your receiver so that Calldorado can access them on runtime. You can provide up to three different views to be used in different places.
  3. Create a class that extends from CalldoradoCustomView and overrides the method getRootView. Here, you can inflate a layout resource or create the UI programmatically.

Note that Calldorado does not provide the code to actually block contacts this is where the brilliant logic of your blocking code will take over.

Of course, you may want to add more features to our templates. If so, please do. We want developers to create more functions and share them with the rest of our developer community.

At present, there are five templates on our GitHub repository. They include:

  • Generic app template
  • Email app template
  • Message app template
  • Call recorder app template
  • Call blocking app template

We’d like to do more. Any suggestions, tell us.