How to make money with Android when your app is only for occasional use

It is difficult at the best of times to make money with an Android app, but the problem increases if your app is designed to be used only occasionally.

A myriad of useful apps help make our lives easier and provide true consumer value. Android users typically don’t want to pay for apps up-front, however. In-app purchases are a lucrative stream for some app developers – in particular those running gaming apps. Freemium can work for some non-gaming apps, too, in particular where apps have a simple trial which can be upgraded to the full version. Most Android developers rely on in-app advertising to make a return on the time and effort they have invested, however.

In-app advertising can work well if you’re both skilled and lucky enough to create an app that consumers choose to keep on their phones and use regularly. However, there are many excellent apps that do get kept on handsets which only have an occasional use-case. You might not need a good torch app every day, but it’s essential to have one when you’re suddenly stuck in the dark after a power cut. Occasional-use apps are apps that users want and need, but they can be fiendishly difficult to monetize through in-app advertising.

These days, app owners looking to make money with Android can take advantage of some out-of-the-box thinking in app monetization. One possibility is to add secondary functionality to a seldom-used app, in order to boost the relationship you have with the user.

By introducing the Caller ID functionality which Calldorado offers, you enable users to interact with your app not only when they open the core app, but also every time they make a phone call. The ad inventory that’s part of the Caller ID service generates revenues for you in the process – and you can add a re-engagement message to make sure people remember your core app, too. The user stays in complete control of the Caller ID feature and can switch it on or off as they wish.

Other methods to make money with Android are also cropping up. Some companies are allowing app-owners to monetize by selling data collected about a user that has downloaded an app. Consumer privacy is of course a key concern in this area. It is essential to ensure that any data collection for third party use has a strong opt-in policy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Calldorado can help you make money with Android – even from passive users – explore our site to find out more, contact us or download the SDK.