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By integrating the Caller SDK into your Android app you will see exponential growth in your revenue while simultaneously engaging users.

Apps Already Monetizing and Growing with Calldorado

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SMS from Android 4.4 with Caller ID

Voice Recorder with Caller ID

Auto Call Recorder 2018

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Phone calls are the most consistent use for mobile phones, with the level of usage remaining steady over time, therefore, they provide the most consistent and effective opportunity for sustained monetization.

The Caller SDK enhances your app by presenting it to users directly after every phone call made or received, along with enriched call data.

The call information screen also presents targeted advertising relevant to users. This means that ad impressions are generated following every single call, adding a substantial and sustainable revenue stream to your app. Many apps see around 150 ad impressions per user per month!

Because Calldorado presents your app to users on a regular basis and at a time when its features are most likely to be of use to them, it encourages continued engagement over a longer period of time.

The fast and simple integration process means that you can instantly reap the benefits Calldorado brings and begin generating revenue in a matter of minutes.

To help drive your business even further, Calldorado has launched the $12 million App Growth Fund.