Paid vs. Free – How do I earn money on my app?

Paid or Free? A questions every app developer need to ask themselves before launching their app on Google Play. 

The vast majority of apps on Google Play are free. Why? Because users love FREE. Free is great. However, once you have convinced somebody to download your app you better impress.  In-app purchases and advertisements, like interstitials, get annoying in the long run and users might end up abandoning your app, which leaves you with nothing but a dream of “what could have been” and no money in your pocket.

On the other hand, charging users for downloading your app might be a success – if your app is the next WhatsApp-style viral explosion (which needless to say, is pretty rare). It requires a monetary leap of faith among consumers who are unlikely to have tried the app in advance. And once users have paid for your app, you will most likely not get any more cash out of them. When paying for an app, we often tend not to fall for any in-app purchase tricks like stickers and extended lives, and we also expect the app to be ad-free.


A Different Approach

By choosing a different monetization solution there might be bigger cash potential for your app. The Calldorado SDK is a monetization solution centered around a caller ID feature. After an app user makes or receives a call, a pop-up with information about the call and an advertisement will occur. With phone calls happening several times a day, this form of monetization will ensure a steady revenue stream and not interfere with the user experience of your app’s core functionality. The Calldorado SDK helps you monetize your entire user-base and extend the lifetime value of your users – even if they have stopped using your app.

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