The app economy is worth $1.6 trillion. Are you getting your share?

If you’re reading this, you’re in the app business. And right now, that’s a pretty nice place to be.

After nine years, the app economy shows no sign of slowing down. Oh, we’ve all heard the experts say apps are dying – that they’re being slowly killed by dynamic web pages and bots.

Well, these experts haven’t read the new App Annie report.

It estimates the global app economy in 2016 was worth $1.3 trillion (from downloads, advertising and mobile commerce). It says 3.4 billion people spent 1.6 trillion hours in apps.

And it predicts even better times ahead.

By 2021, App Annie says the market will be worth $6.3 trillion. In a cute observation, it says that, if the app economy were a nation state, it would be the third largest on Earth.

The market researcher bases its optimism on the fact that there will be more app users in five years’ time – the 3.4 billion people in 2016 will be 6.3 billion in 2021.

And these users will spend more: from $379 each to $1,008.

Now, App Annie links the latter observation to the extra time people will spend inside apps by 2021. It reckons the total will be 3.5 trillion hours.

This is a crucial number for developers who make revenue from in-app ads.

But, as the Calldorado community knows, you don’t need people to spend time in your app to earn money from them.

Adding the Calldorado SDK to your app gives your users advanced caller ID features. Which includes ads. That means users see these ads many times a day, not just when they are inside your app.

The impact can be amazing. The Simple Notepad app, for example, saw its revenue go from $200 a month to $2200 a month in just a few months.

Caller ID advertising changes everything for your marketing department. The most important metric for your business is no longer time spent in your app. It’s app installs.

Now, you may not have a marketing department. Don’t worry, join the Calldorado Growth Program. Our user acquisition experts can help you, for free. In fact, it’s better than free, we pay you. You get 10% extra to spend for every campaign dollar you invest.

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Our experts will take care of the rest. It’s like having a marketing department that requires no resources – and loves the job so much, it pays you.

If the app economy really is worth $1.6 trillion, then there is money on the table out there for you. Time to pull up a chair and grab some.