The Calldorado SDK is here to stay

Award-winning Calldorado SDK listed in the Mobbo Power Index Top 10 for SDKs with best retention rates.

App Publishers today are inundated with an endless choice of SDKs, and choosing the right one can impact app performance significantly.

To ensure publishers make informed decisions regarding the SDKs they choose to include in their apps, Mobbo has conducted in-depth research and released a “Power Index” of the best performing SDKs in various metrics to help app developers choose the right ones.

The index has highlighted the Calldorado SDK as one of Top 10 SDKs for retention globally. Simply put, once an App Publishers has included the Calldorado SDK in their app, they are very unlikely to remove it again. This is a clear affirmation of the effective performance of the Calldorado SDK, and publishers’ satisfaction with the product.

The retention is so good in fact, that the Calldorado SDK is only 2 places behind industry giant Facebook.

The research is based on the analysis of over 4 Million apps and 1,000 SDKs across all app categories, making it the most in-depth study of SDK performance conducted to date. Retention Rate was calculated by dividing the number of SDK removals with the total number of active SDK implementations.

The great news for app publishers is that the Calldorado SDK is available to all Android apps that have a natural fit with phone calls. Typically, such apps are in the communication, tools, lifestyle, business, personalization, or productivity categories.

To learn more about how you can make the most of your app by using the Calldorado SDK, contact us today.