The most competitive apps

Messaging apps are one of the most competitive types of software. The vast majority of mobile users are typically loyal to one. Developers are trying to win users attention by competing on a host of advanced text features – emojis, videos, voice broadcasts. Name a feature, somebody out there is working on a clever implementation of it.


Statista shows that the two the most globally used apps are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, no surprise there. However, QQ Mobile and WeChat are breathing down their necks.

What is the secret of their success?

QQ has super-fast, real-time instant messaging, peer-to-peer file transfers and it also gives its users full control of their privacy settings. WeChat users are able to enjoy a voice chat feature which turns their smart phones into a walkie-talkie. Customizability is said to be one of the users’ favorite features. Users also seem to like the ‘’Shake’’ feature. This is an interesting way to discover new users by just a shaking your smartphone.

Thinking of diving into the world of communications and social apps?
Here are some cool features you should definitely consider:

  • Real time messaging
  • Ability to send photos and videos instantly
  • Let your users show love with likes
  • Set backgrounds, themes/skins
  • Ability to delete text messages while sending
  • Option to protect chat conversations with a password
  • Mute group or individual conversation
  • Message backup and restore features

Once your app gets downloaded, make sure it brings you good revenue.

Our SDK Caller ID will allow your app users to see who is contacting them – a good add on for your messaging app.
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Are you curious?