The Need to Know on ASO: Part 3 – Tools

App store optimization is so important a small industry has grown up around it. In the third part of Calldorado’s ASO series, we review the tools you can use to help people find your app – and to track your success.

In a perfect world, making an awesome app would be enough to ensure your success.
But it’s not a perfect world.
It’s one with 3.8 million apps in it (and that’s just Android).
This is why making a great app is just stage one in your quest to be a successful app developer. The other two are:

  1. Making sure people can find your app
  2. Making sure people download your app when they’ve found it

This, of course, is app store optimization, and every app maker needs to master it.

Obviously, Google gives every app its own page on Google Play. This is where you want people to go. In the first part of Calldorado’s guide to ASO, we looked at the assets you can include on this page. They are:

  • App name
  • Short 80-character description
  • Long 4,000-character description
  • Developer name
  • User reviews
  • Screenshots and video
  • URL/Package
  • App Downloads
  • Backlinks to your Play Store URL

In part 2, we looked more closely at the keywords you can include in your descriptions, and how they can help people find your app. We described the three most important factors for choosing them.

  • Relevance to your app
  • Volume of searches users make for that term
  • Difficulty of getting your app to rank high in the results

Sounds like a lot of work, right?
Well, it can be. Happily, there are plenty of specialist companies that can help you speed up the process.
They will deliver a bunch of services including A/B testing, competitor analysis, keyword generation, market intelligence and more. Prices vary a lot. Most companies have a free option with limited functionality, and nearly all have a free trial period.
Thereafter, the typical cost is $49 to $79 per month for smaller developers. However, enterprise options can scale as high as $3000 a month.

Here’s a selection for you to peruse:
App Annie
App Annie is probably the best known of all app analytics firms. It publishes loads of useful stats that get re-published everywhere (including this blog). But its core business is a dashboard that lets app makers track keywords and competitors
Over the last few years, Tune has emerged as one of the biggest ASP specialists. It offers a variety of tracking and analytics services. But it’s arguably best known for its A/B testing service.
Sensor Tower
Sensor Tower offers a range of app services and insights. They include a tool that lets you enter a list of keywords and then see the difficulty ranking of each.
StoreMaven is also big in AB testing. Its Maven tool lets you enter your store URL with a number of tweaks to see which performs best.
Apptopia provides data on every single mobile app and every single publisher in the world.  It connects directly to hundreds of thousands of apps. This enables it to gauge real performance data across monthly active users, downloads and revenues.
App Radar
Another multifaceted tool with a strong ASO offering. App Radar will check if your app page is optimized for search, improve your app information, optimize metadata and even sends regular updates on your app to your email or Slack channel.
Priori Data
Priori Data provides a suite of keyword and market intelligence tools as part of its ‘Mobile Intelligence Stack’. The services let app makers test their own app store page, track app performance and monitor competitors.
ASOdesk’s boldest claim is that it will save 70 percent of the time you spend getting a full semantic core for your app (i.e. a set of keywords that describe an app in the most precise way).
Gummicube built the DATACUBE intelligence software to analyze reviews and ratings in order to increase organic downloads. It also arranges live focus groups to power A/B testing for icons, screenshots and more.
Mobile Action
The big hook here is the price. Mobile Action positions itself as the indie’s ASO specialist. As such it offers lifetime access to its tools for a one-off $99 fee.
The ASO Project
Claims to develop custom solutions for each client delivering ASO, conversion optimization, link building, search ad management, reporting and more. The price is customized too.
One of the first ASO agencies based in Spain, hence the name (PickASO… Picasso). They specialize in all aspects of app marketing and their key product is called TheTool, a powerful platform used by over 10,000 global business which supports all aspects of ASO.
Berlin-based mobile growth consultancy known for their Mobile Growth Stack framework that helps marketers, founders and growth practitioners develop and evolve a strategy for growing the user base of a mobile product. They’ve supported some pretty big app names!
Red Box Mobile
This UK agency has won a bunch of awards for its Blackbox platform. This lets developers quickly set up app store ads. Its machine learning component optimizes keywords every 10 minutes and makes 500,000 decisions a day. Currently on iOS, but with Android coming soon.
If you’re getting very excited about ASO, this agency has written a 370-page book on it. It costs $39.
Keyword Tool
This company is dedicated to finding keywords. It has a free version that generates up to 750 long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.

More options…
The ASO Co
Split Metrics
App Follow
Raise Metrics
App Figures

So there it is. Your introduction to the exciting/frustrating world of ASO.
We’ve just scratched the surface. But if you want to go deeper, it’s pretty easy. You’ll find most of the companies listed above offer free eBooks on the topic in exchange for your email. So have a look around.
Good luck, and may your search rankings rise!