The perfect UI – why looks matter

Every app needs great design. The most successful apps keep users coming back – and design plays a huge role in that. Read about the most important lessons when it comes to user interface.

Design is key. The right design can make or break your app. Even if you have an innovative and valuable idea behind your app, it won’t take off if people have difficulty using or understanding it.A bad user interface will frustrate users and limit how your app is used. In other words, a good user interface will help drive users to your app and encourage users to come back.


Every design decision should focus on delivering a slick and seamless user experience in order to increase conversion performance.

Know you user. Knowing whom your users are is the starting point of a great interface design. What will they use the app for, where will they be using the app? And how much time do they have to use the app? Designing a dark app for an outdoor app can make it difficult to see, and creating a complicated interface for a traffic app intended for on-the-go look-ups

Keep it simple. It pays to keep things simple. Here simple doesn’t mean a minimalistic style, but that a first time user can open the app and start using it without having to read through the directions or follow a guide. Users should be able to complete simple tasks in very few steps. Keeping things as simple as possible not only encourage users to download your app it also encourages them to come back.

Don’t be a copycat. Be true to your identity and don’t copy other’s work. Even though you might feel tempted copying from top apps on Google Play, instead take a look at the bottom of the charts to learn what-not-to-do. Creating a unique interface is a lot more rewarding than copying somebody else’s work.

The Calldorado SDK can be customized to your app’s look and feel, to create a familiar look that users will recognize. Through the Engagement Field on the caller ID screens, users can easily navigate directly to your app through a simple gesture.


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