Think the Caller SDK is not a fit for your app? Well think again!

There are many apps that can have a direct relation to phone call activity. Here’s how your app could be one of them.

Every day, we speak to dozens of app developers. They get in touch because they have heard about how the Calldorado Caller SDK can boost their app engagement.

But quite often they open with this basic question: what is the use case scenario for my app in relation to phone calls?

Their question is understandable. After all, the purpose of the SDK is to bring the app to the user’s home screen every time they make, receive or miss a call, so is the Caller SDK right for them?

But here’s the thing: people want to do plenty of things after taking a call. These actions include:
  • Creating a new contact.
  • Typing a reminder note.
  • Recording a voice memo.
  • Sending an email.
  • Sending a text message.
  • Sending a message from a chat app.
  • Entering a diary date.
  • Checking a location on a map.


There are, of course, dedicated apps for all of the above. The app stores are full of clever products that make it simple to perform these actions. Maybe your app is one of them. So let’s go a little deeper and describe how the Caller SDK could really enhance the user experience in the above scenarios – and make it easier for customers to use your app.


The calendar app
A user receives a call from a friend who wants to meet up next week. Immediately after the call, they access your calendar app directly from the call information screen. They simply add a new entry/reminder confirming the meeting time and place.

The email app
A person takes a call from a relative and the two discuss a recent holiday they spent together. The relative asks to see the photos. Immediately after the call, your user sends the pics via your email app.

The note-taking app
During a phone call with a friend, your user is given a tip about a must-see Netflix series. Worried they might forget the details, they decide to make a note about it after finishing the call. Their notebook app pops up immediately and they make the entry directly from the call information screen.

The voice note recording app
Your user prefers voice notes to written notes, so is a keen user of your app. After speaking to their partner on the phone about ideas for a child’s birthday present, they record a list as a voice note inside your app without leaving the call information screen.

The messaging app
Your user runs an amateur sports team and organizes activities via a group inside a rich messaging app. They phone a venue to book a pitch for the weekend. When the call is completed, they are presented with your app on the call information screen. They update the group chat with the time, date, and venue of the next fixture.

The video calling app
A parent is talking to their child while on a shopping trip. They tell the child about some shoes they like. The child asks to see them. The parent terminates the call in order to open a video chat from your app. They do this seamlessly from the call information screen, then flip the camera to view the shoes.

The map/directory app
Two friends discuss the best venue for a birthday meal next week. They decide on a restaurant your user has not visited before. After the call, direct from the call information display, your user searches for the venue inside your directory and stores the location map.


These are just some examples of the many app verticals that can benefit from the Caller SDK. If your Android app applies to any of these scenarios, you really should think about joining the Calldorado community.

It will help your users to find and use your app and will, as a consequence, make a huge difference to your app engagement rates. Think about it. Since users typically make/receive/miss around five calls a day, that’s five chances for you to remind customers about your app.

To test the SDK’s precise impact on ‘opens’ and user engagement, Calldorado studied the performance of three more apps that use the Caller SDK. The results were as follows:

Product: All Email Access (US)
Improvement: 33x more app opens with the Caller SDK

Product: Voice Recorder (US)
Improvement: 23x more app opens with the Caller SDK

Product: Notes (South Korea)
Improvement: 40x more app opens with the Caller SDK

The impact on revenue is similarly eye-catching.


Our community is growing fast, and we’re excited to add more developers to it. We hope this post has been useful to you – and persuaded you that your app might be right for the Caller SDK. If you want a chance to double your revenues and 10x your user sessions, you should apply here or contact the team here.

Tim Green

Tim Green


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