Timing is everything!

Marketers spend a huge amount of time planning strategic push notifications – using the correct wording, just the right length, with snappy eye-catching messages designed to make users re-engage with your app.

A huge amount of time and effort can be spent perfecting this skill, but the timing of this push notification could mean that the message is missed and your time and therefore money is wasted!
According to Business of Apps, 63% of all push notifications are sent at less than optimal times when users are not engaged with their mobile device.
Another factor which needs to be considered is that optimal times for push notification response differs depending on your geographical location. You don’t just have the issue of different time zones to worry about, but prime usage times for mobile devices also differs depending on which part of the world you are targeting. North America, for example, differs greatly to Europe, the Middle East and Africa!
In such a competitive marketplace, no one has the time and funds to waste on notifications which may or may not be seen by users, but there is an alternative!
As opposed to push notifications the Calldorado SDK guarantees that your app will be shown to users at opportune moments, when the mobile is in use and not sitting on the kitchen table! Appropriate customizable features or content is presented to users at the exact moment they are using their mobile device, and at a time when it contextually makes sense and they are most likely to benefit from it.
The Calldorado SDK is designed to improve user experience by offering tangible enhancements through added functionality. Of course, there’s the all-important caller ID which draws its information from Calldorado’s extensive database, but also features from your own app which could be anything from call blocker and voice recorder to SMS and email options. This direct presentation of your app’s features helps sustain the continued use of your app or encourage re-engagement.
If you want to find out more about the Calldorado SDK and how you can customize the after-call screen with your own content to enrich the user experience, contact us today.